A view of Trollworld…

Today’s post is a view of Trollworld that has never been seen before.  This is Trollworld as seen from above.  Waaaay above.  From this vantage, you get an idea of just how big it is and how the known continents all fit together.   There is so much to explore, that we could fit another huge book with information.

The Deluxe T&T Rules will include the most detailed look at Trollworld yet done, and it is being created by the original team that brought T&T to life over 30 years ago.  Bear Peters has kept and collected numerous maps since the late 1970’s and is busy getting down descriptions of the creatures and features of various locals, many of which have only been hinted at in the past.   Ken St Andre has also heavily developed the continent of  Rrr’lff and now we’ll see it in all its glory, as mapped by Steve Crompton.  Even Liz Danforth has been involved in details on many of the places she ran as adventures.  Truly a group effort!  Click on the image below to get a full size view.  All this is coming soon to Kickstarter…


Above orbit view of Trollworld.

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4 thoughts on “A view of Trollworld…

  1. Kewl planetary view there. And Khazan is right where it should be. All is right with the map.

  2. SSCrompton

    Yes it came out really well and Trollworld does in fact have 2 moons. What you seen here is the known world. What’s on the other side will be up to your local GM. You’ll be able to add your own campaign continents to this map and literally “mix it up” Keep checking back in – more updates in the next 24 hours…

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