Coinage for Trollworld Prototypes

Today I’m going to post the coinage of Trollworld, an image that previously appeared at Trollhalla.  However if you aren’t a member there, you may not have seen this yet.  These are NOT the final designs for the coins, but it gives you an idea of what they’ll be like.  The tentative plan is to do one coin from each of four cities in Trollworld.  Its all part of our effort to give you, the T&T Players a more complete and exciting view of the world that was originally created to go with Tunnels & Trolls all those years ago.

Ken St Andre, Bear Peters and Liz Danforth have been combing their archives and creating new stuff for Trollworld, while Steve Crompton has been busy drawing maps and making coin prototypes.  Anyway  Enjoy…  And let us know what you think!


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3 thoughts on “Coinage for Trollworld Prototypes

  1. SSCrompton

    Kickstarter Launch is VERY close now – A day or maybe two away. Stand by and save your Christmas money – you are going to wish you had it once you see what we have to offer!

  2. anem kram

    I’m guessing that coins will be part of the Kickstarter launch. Will there be other giveaways other than the coins?

  3. SSCrompton

    YES – There will be lots of cool things and items to get on Kickstarter once it is up… But I can’t tell you what they all are yet… Soon though very soon… We have confirmed a map, the coins, and a softcover and hardcover edition of the rules. But there is much more… You’ll see.

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