Ken’s DT&T Journal, Post 2

Ha! This picture has nothing to do with T & T really, but it captures the mood of the moment.

Ha! This picture has nothing to do with T & T really, but it captures the mood of the moment.

I promised you all a second entry when the DT&T Kickstarter project went live.  That happened yesterday around 6 p.m. my time.  Woot!  The team worked hard on getting that page ready, and we were all elated to see it finally appear.

I have sometimes felt that Tunnels and Trolls was unknown and unappreciated.  Based on the outpouring of support for our project, I was wrong to feel that way.  I want to thank all the great gamers who have already rallied to the Tunnels & Trolls banner.  You are the ones who make dreams real.  At this exact moment, the project has raised $16,070 of the $26,000 needed to make the thing work.  That’s amazing!  Thank you, but don’t stop now.  We have a really strong start, but we haven’t crossed the finish line yet.  None of us can stop running yet in this race.

Do you know what would be a world class event?–if the project could completely fund in a single day, and we could start on stretch goals.  I believe it could happen.  So, before we put our ideas for stretch goals out there, I’d like to hear from you.  Go ahead and comment here.  What one stretch goal would you most like to see offered?  Why?

I need to get away from the computer and go out and get some fresh air.  As  you can see in the picture above, which is only a couple of months old, I really do live in a desert, and I really do go out and hike all over the place.  Maybe when I come back I’ll find the race is over, and we set a world record time.

In the near future I hope to offer  you all some out-takes from the video making process we used for the Kickstarter page.  Don’t forget to come see me here in a couple of days.

If you have some comments on stretch goals or desert hiking, now is the time and this is the place to post them.

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12 thoughts on “Ken’s DT&T Journal, Post 2

  1. I would love to see some additional monsters (with art) and perhaps some adventures.

    • atroll

      I guarantee there will be monsters and creatures in Deluxe that you’ve never seen or heard of before. Bear has been inventing monsters and I have a few favorites of my own like Obsidian Spiders that were never in earlier editions.

  2. James Huber

    I’d like to see an EPUB version that I can use on my eBook reader (pdf’s are…wonky)

    I’d also like to see a lite version of the rules, like a 40 page 5.5 by 8.5 staple bound version.

    • atroll

      James, a lite version of the rules is planned as part of the overall package and will be included. Much liter than 40 pages tho. Epub is inevitable, but isn’t part of the Deluxe Project at the moment. First the real world product needs to exist before we go virtual. Old School, you know, likes stuff we can touch.

  3. Eleanor

    Hmm… A spingly spangly art book with past and present illustrations?

  4. derv

    I think you guys really have your bases covered on this one. As far as stretch goals, I wouldn’t mind seeing some of the original adventures that are OOP, get redone with new fresh art (I’m really thinking of The Complete Dungeon of the Bear).

  5. Congratulations, Ken, on the awesome start to the campaign!

  6. SBGrad

    I 2nd the motion for reprinting OOP solos/GM adventures– or even all new adventures. Adventures are vastly preferable to a different formatting of the rules– which everyone will get anyway. Stretch goals should give us something new.

    Can you explain a bit about the naming of a island level? I can’t find the archipeligo in any of the maps in the history of Trollworld book from a few years back. Can we get some background on them? Are they inhabited? On/near trade routes? Some sort of background makes the level more attractive.

    • SSCrompton

      The new map of trollworld has an large area of ocean with many islands and you can buy one and have it named and you get a fancy title sent to you

    • atroll

      Last summer Steve and I got together to do a detailed map of the Dragon continent. I decided it would be cool for the dragon to have wings, but adding a huge land mass for wings looked terrible. We came up with the idea of having the wings represented by lots of islands. And we did that.

      Yes, the islands are inhabited–by all kinds of creatures–humans being only one kindred represented there. For your island, you can make up any kind of reasonable history for a relatively small island. Think of them as like the Faeroes or other northern European islands. Or, they could be more like the Greek islands–each a tiny kingdom.

      To the west of the main archipelago is the port of Silver Hold on the dragon’s shoulder. The islands have a both a flourishing trade and a pirate economy in place. They are basically terra incognita where the people who buy a spot can make their own authorized contribution to trollworld history and lore.

  7. I have hundreds of fantasy miniatures and would love to see some optional, light rules for using miniatures and a battle grid with T&T.

  8. Odder

    I second the miniature optional light rules! Many Many of my gamer friends insist on miniatures when playing.

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