Yes the headline is correct – we funded!  Not in 33 days (which is a Trollish month by the way)

But 37 HOURS!  We had NO idea it would go this quick – we are floored and humbled by the response.  Its so amazing to see just how many fans of T&T are out there waiting for the chance to renew the fun and fellowship that Tunnels and Trolls can bring.  So thank you from the bottom of our souls!

But – its not over yet…


Right now, we of the Trollish Fellowship are secretly meeting and making some important final decisions on stretch goals.  We are poring over your comments and e-mails trying to decide which of the stretch goals we have, will be the ones that YOU most want to see.  We have lots of option and things you have all called for, miniatures, a beastiary, color pages, a box, an art book, battle mats, invisible t-shirts, cannons,  So what will it be? Whatever we choose, it will be something to make things MORE deluxe and better!

So stay tuned in and see what we come up with and if you haven’t voiced your opinion – now is the time!

THANK YOU ALL – You’re gonna LOVE Deluxe T & T, cause it loves you!
So say we all!
The Trollish Fellowship


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4 thoughts on “DT&T FUNDS IN 37 HOURS – THANK YOU ALL!!!!

  1. Less than 37 hours, actually. I know… picky picky quibble quibble. I watched it turn over about 5:30am local time — the project launched just after 5pm a day and a half earlier. But that’s why I’m the details person (what Ken called a perfectionist). But regardless, you folks made it happen and I am over the moon about it. This is getting more exciting by the hour. Even by the half hour. 🙂

  2. Congratulations!

  3. anem kram

    I’m glad that I could say that I contributed to help fund the DT&T. I didn’t think T&T had that many fans.

  4. Rob

    I had no doubt that the fans were there – I just didn’t know if the word would get out or not. It’s quite exciting that it did!

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