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Graphic Designer Steve Crompton addresses the troops…

Hello dT&T Fans (or should we use DT&T Fans?)  Anyway, I thought this time it might be interesting to hear things direct from the Graphic Designer for the book.  I have a bunch of other hats in the fellowship, but this is the main one really.

I’m writing today to let anyone that may not know that we have announced the Milestones for Deluxe T&T.   (Most of you know them as Stretch Goals.)  At the bottom of this post is the link the the complete list and info for the milestones.  I’m just going to deal with the first one, as any journey relies on getting from where you are, to the next stop.  We can worry about the other ones in a future post.

This first Milestone is truly my favorite as it will give us all the chance to see COLOR pages in the Deluxe Rules!  Its going to mean a lot of extra work for me with coloring and setting up those pages, but I REALLY want to see them.  I can’t wait to have a go at coloring Liz and Rob’s original City of Terrors cover illo, and of course I’d love to see the world map appear in the book in color (How cool would that be?) Plus a few other color surprises…

Here’s the official rundown on the FIRST MILESTONE:
“If we make our $50,000 milestone, Ken is going to write a solo adventure specifically for the 1st edition, and we will send a pdf of that adventure to all our backers. Plus Ken will include new spells in the spellbook that he has been dreaming up for the last couple days, and he will write a new section of the rulebook about using miniatures with T&T.

Also, if (or rather, when) we make $50k, we will include in the Deluxe T&T rulebook an 8-page tip-in of color plates. This will be in all the rulebooks. I don’t know for sure yet what will be in this, but I’m pretty sure it will include the old cover from the City of Terrors solitaire.

But wait! There’s more!  When we make the $50k goal, Rick will recreate the famous “Official T&T Pencil – 1/2 Die Weapon When Sharpened”. We will include one of these for everyone who has pledged $20 or more.”

OK back to me.
So right now, we are not too far from this first Milestone, so those of you that have already pledged, its time to let your friends (and anyone else you can think of) know about this great awesomely cool, enhanced, expanded and new Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls.  Post the link on Facebook.  Post stuff on blogs and forums, get the word out and let’s see if we can get some color into our book!  Get your friends to pledge one dollar, just for the heck of it.  And if you were thinking about adding something to your current pledge – now is the time.  I’m already drawing character portraits, a GM adventure and a map or two for a few pledgers.  I could draw your dreams next.

Besides you are already going to get the Rulebook – wouldn’t you like to see more pages, some glossy color pages, a dT&T pencil and all the other goodies that comes with getting that next Milestone?  We are sooo close… Help us get there!


Here’s the link to the Kickstarter Milestone Update: 

This is the link to the Main Kickstarter page for DT&T:

And fon’t forget this Blog:

So Trollish Army go forth and spread the word to every corner!
That’s the word from the Art Department – thanks for listening.

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