Is the Deluxe T&T Pencil Mightier than the Sword?


OFFICIAL PENCIL:  Today we’re showing off the prototype of what the Official dT&T Pencil will look like.  Above is the whole image, along with how it might actually look like on a pencil.    This  is just one of the many rewards that came with hitting the $50k mark.  There will also be more pages added to the dT&T rulebook and 8 pages of them will be in full color!

HISTORIC DECISION: The fellowship have officially adopted “dT&T” as the acronym for the “Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls.”  In making the pencil, we had to make a final choice and dT&T won the day.   So this pencil has just played an important role in the development of the game! (or at least its name)  So now you really have to get one – anyone who pledges more than $14 will get one mailed to them.

Kickstarter Update:  As of Right now, there are over $56k in pledges for dT&T and we are now shooting for the second milestone on this journey which includes pdf reprints of the new version of Buffalo Castle (with new art by Liz Danforth) and a reprint of City of Terrors.

BACKERS:  We have 795 backers at this point, which is really gratifying!  There is a bet among the fellowship on whether or not we can get to 1000 backers.  Can we?  We don’t know, but even if someone only pledges one dollar, they count as a backer.  Let’s see if we can find another 200 people to pledge one dollar and get to 1000, so tell your friends and get them involved!  Give them a dollar if they don’t have one to pledge!

OK that’s the latest for today, Check or our Kickstarter Update page for more comments and news.

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