CONFIRMED: First dT&T Solo to be an updated version of Buffalo Castle!

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Its official – the first solo print release for Deluxe T&T is going to be an updated version of Buffalo, that will include plenty of new art by Liz Danforth and an full page map and additional material to help you run the solo as a GM adventure.  Rick Loomis has also added some additional material to the solo itself.  The new solo will also sport a front and back cover drawn by Liz and colored by Steve Crompton.

If you have already pledged to get a hardback dT&T book, you will get a FREE copy of the new Buffalo Castle, if (when?)  the dT&T Kickstarter reaches the $60K level.  If you’ve pledged for the softbback or pdf version of the rules, you’ll be able to purchase  it in the options section.   By the way, I have been told by Rick that there will NOT be any more signed/numbered hardbacks made after the Kickstarter is over. So don’t plan on picking up one of those “later.” So now is the time to upgrade to the hardback edition and get the Bufflao Castle solo for free.

This solo was originally published in French last year by Patrice Geille.  Another item of interest in Buffalo Castle is that in one of the new illos  Liz drew in  Ken St Andre & Steve Crompton as victims being turned into statues by Medusa!

More details here:

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3 thoughts on “CONFIRMED: First dT&T Solo to be an updated version of Buffalo Castle!

  1. anem kram

    Is the English version different from the French version?

  2. SSCrompton

    Well – It will be in English – lol. There might be a little more in it about using the solo as a GM adventure, but right now it will be pretty much the same. However, that is just what I’ve heard at the moment and is subject to change…

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