So many of you are supporting dT&T on your blogs and elsewhere that we started getting requests for banners you can use.  So today’s update includes a set of banners at different sizes you can use for your site, blog or forum.  All of these should use the link to our Kickstarter pages which is:

Just right click on any of the images below and save them to your computer.  (don’t forget the link)

Have a specific size you need?  Just add a comment to this post and we’ll add it.

We’ll have some more BIG announcements to make soon, so stay tuned.  Meanwhile here are the banners…


Banner_dT&T_250x250a Banner_dT&T_300x100a



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5 thoughts on “DELUXE T&T BANNERS

  1. James Huber

    190px wide, no particular height

    • SSCrompton

      James – I just added a border with a 190 width on the post – its all yours. Thanks for helping us out!

  2. PERFECT … ! Just the sort of thing I was hoping to see.

  3. SSCrompton

    Feel free to repost the page where you have used our banners right here. It’ll be fun to see where they show up and it will be a little promotion for your site.

  4. Crrrreg

    I like the “World’s most Flexible RPG” slogan. That is so true!

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