Ken’s dTnT Journal Post 4

Thanks to great support from the T & T players of the world, this Kickstarter is off to a great start–so great that we have already reached two extra milestones, and get to do some extra stuff for the fans.  This of course means more writing work for me.  One fan bought the legend package and will be getting my last remaining first edition copy of the original T & T rules from 1975.  It’s in pretty good condition, but the ink is a little faded after all these years.  As part of the deal and for the $50K stretch goal, I agreed to write a solo adventure for the first edition rules.  I got an idea for it yesterday, and I started writing on it today.  The good thing is that now the deluxe package will include a facsimile reprint of the actual first edition, and along with it a new solo written exclusively for play with that edition.

Just about every module for a FRP game comes with an Introduction that tells the player a little bit about what he/she is getting, and what they need to do to start play.  I have written a lot of those introductions over the years.  I thought you fans might enjoy seeing one ahead of time.  So here it is, the rough draft for the Introduction to the first solo ever written for T & T first edition.  I know what I want to write, and I have done about 3 pages of solo already today.  I’m not a super fast writer, so it will take probably most of next week to finish this.  I don’t know how long it is going to be yet once I put some twists, turns, and conflicts in for the players, but I look forward to finding out.

I don’t have any art for this solo either.  Liz might have to wind up doing some special art for it.  Solos without art are no fun, imho.  But, for this page, and for your fannish entertainment, there is enough info in the introduction to allow you fans with some artistic talent of your own to perhaps do a character portrait of Cherry, or maybe the inside of the Ruptured Troll tavern.  If  you’d like to imagine your own character in this situation, feel free, and if you send me the art, I’ll put it up here on the dTnT page.



     There has never been a solo written for the first edition of Tunnels and Trolls before.  By the time Rick Loomis wrote Buffalo Castle, T & T was already in its second edition, with many changes and “improvements” from the first edition, and with the third edition not far away.  For example, I don’t believe we used saving rolls for anything but Luck back at the very beginning.

In keeping with the idea of going back to the beginning, this adventure is for brand new first level characters that should be rolled up fresh.  The attributes are: Strength, Intelligence, Luck, Constitution, Dexterity, and Charisma, and should be rolled on 3D6 in that order.  Character types you can be are human, elf, and dwarf (fairy, leprechaun, and hobbit were also available, but those three kindreds really don’t fit into this story).

You will need a copy of the first edition rules, primarily for spells, weapons, and armor.  You will also need an adequate supply of six-sided dice (just one would do in a pinch, but you’d have to roll it a lot–at least 3D6 are recommended), blank paper and pencil or pen.

You may bring any type of character–warrior, wizard, or rogue–but if you choose a magic-user, you may only cast level one spells.  That would be: Detect Magic, Lock Tight, Will-o-Wisp, Knock-knock, Oh-there-it-is, Hidey Hole, Take That You Fiend, Vorpal Blade, Oh-go-away, and Teacher.  Why are they listed in that order?  Because that’s the order in which I first thought of them.  First edition spells are paid for with Strength, and need no minimum IQ or Dex to cast.  Furthermore, you may only cast a spell if the solo text offers you the opportunity.

So go ahead and roll up your first edition character.  Choose your kindred, and if it isn’t human, use the Peters-McAllister chart on page 20 to adjust the attributes.  Calculate your combat adds.  Strength, Luck, and Dexterity greater than 12 give you positive adds, less than 9 give you negative adds.  Go ahead and choose any weapons and armor you wish from the weapons and armor tables.  If your character is a wizard, you know the first level spells on page 22.  If you are a rogue, you know one of them–your choice.  Do not roll for gold or feel constrained in your purchase of armor or weapons by lack of it.  As a special benefit, the Game Master rules that you start with enough gold to buy whatever basic equipment your character can handle, and that you have enough left over after your first day of shopping in the big city to party a bit at The Ruptured Troll Tavern down by the river side.

You came to Khosht, the first sizeable city you’ve ever seen in your  young life, to begin your career as an adventurer.  You bought weapons and armor and a basic pack of delving equipment: flint and steel, 3 torches, 20 feet of light rope, 3 days provisions, and a canteen.  You have a hooded cloak to protect your head and back, and stout boots to protect your feet.  You have a pack to carry things.  You are ready for adventure.  During the day you met a beautiful young woman with a mane of fiery red hair who calls herself Cherry.  Now that the sun has gone down she has shown you her favorite tavern–a place called The Ruptured Troll.  It is a noisy, busy place, full of humans and nonhumans, all talking, laughing, drinking, gaming.  The proprietor is an actual troll, a big green creature with a snaggle-toothed grin, and a huge scar that crosses his big fat stomach from side to side.  Such a wound would have killed a human, but trolls regenerate.  When you are ready to begin, go to <10>.

And that’s the intro.  I hope it gives you a good feel for the way I run the game.

Like I said, I’d love to see some illos for the intro.  You can send them to me at my flying buffalo mail address:  And if you have any comments on this, you know what to do . . .

One person sent me an illo for this blog.  My thanks to Jesse Lambert, Trrrebmahl of Trollhalla who contributed this sketch of Cherry.  The dagger is sort of prescient on Jesse’s part.  In this solo she will be armed with two jambiyas instead of sword and dagger.

Cherry is both an adventuress and a working girl in the city of Khosht on Trollworld. She has the magical ability to fight twice as well (i.e. do double the combat damage of any one creature she's facing.

Cherry is both an adventuress and a working girl in the city of Khosht on Trollworld. She has the magical ability to fight twice as well (i.e. do double the combat damage of any one creature she’s facing.

Woot!  Just got a picture from Ed Donahue showing his version of the Ruptured Troll tavern.  This is definitely my kind of place.


Have you fans got any more?  I love these pictures.


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  1. SSCrompton

    Looking forward to this! Very cool Ken!

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