Ken’s dTnT Journal, Post 5

Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls will be the first version of the game to focus heavily on the setting: Trollworld (although, you can actually set your T & T adventures anywhere you want).  The development team, especially Steve, Bear, and I are having a lot of fun with that, and we hope you will, too.  Fantasy maps often have the most uninspired names for their countries and terrain, stuff like Sea of Dragons or the Great Forest, the Burning Desert, and so forth.  I want better names for my fantasy world, and I’m willing to let the players in on it.

Two of the supporter levels for this kickstarter are about naming parts of the world–that is, you the player, get a chance to help create the finished product, and your names will be an official part of the game.  You can either describe something on a continent and I’ll try to put it in there, or you can buy an island.  Buying an island is by far the easiest way to get on the map.

So I asked Steve to come up with maps showing what property is for sale.  All the 26 islands marked A through Z are up for grabs.  Here’s the map:


Now that you  can see what’s for sale, you too can stake your claim to a corner of Trollworld.   I have to say, it’s mostly first come, first served for this real estate. There are plenty of continental locations are still up for grabs.  The members of Trollhalla, the world’s greatest T & T fans, have at least 9 members who want real estate.  And since they are in touch with me, they will probably get to pick the prime areas first.  (Don’t complain!  You’ve had years to join Trollhalla.  You could still join, or you could beat Trollhallans to the punch by emailing right away.)

[Let me tell you all a little story.  Many years ago, I struck up a conversation with a guy at a gaming convention in California, and wound up getting him into a game of Tunnels and Trolls.  That gamer was Lawrence Di Tillio, who just happened to be a television script writer. (Among his other credits he did several scripts for the Babylon 5 television series.)  We became and still are good friends.  He even came to Arizona and worked for Flying Buffalo for a while.  In the second season of Babylon 5, there is a throwaway line where a pilot mentions the St. Andre nebula.  Larry put that in there for me, and it still gives me a kick to know my name is a teeny tiny part of the Babylon 5 legend.  I mention this only to let you know that I get the same sort of pleasure out of this kind of thing as I hope I will be providing to those who help me out with the naming of Trollworld islands]

But, Steve and I would like to get a head start on this part of the project, so if you have bought Trollworld property with your generous pledge, and  you see the place on the map where you’d like to locate it, email me.  Tell me how much you spent, and what you want to name your place, and where it is.  If you pick one of the 26 islands, give me a list of 5 or 10 in decreasing order of preference.  I happen to think that some of the prime locations will go fast.  If you pick a landmark, then tell me something like: I’d like to name the southern forest on the Island of Phoron the Polestack Jungle.  Give me some names with color and romance.  For example, there’s an internet fan site called Tenkar’s Tavern ( and Eric, the owner is a supporter.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he put Tenkar’s Tavern on the Trollworld map.  Another member of Trollhalla goes by the trollish name of H’rrrothgarrr.  He’s already told me he wants his location to be called H’rrrothgarrr’s Hovel, and it will be so.

When I get a few names to go on, the map shown  above will be redrawn to show the new names.  It won’t be the final version of the Trollworld map, but it will give a good idea of what that final version will look like, with names inserted and letters of the alphabet removed.  So, if you’re a supporter and you’re ready to name your real estate, email me now: with the info I need.  If you want in on this land rush, make the pledge, email me, and be immortalized in Trollworld.

–to be continued

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2 thoughts on “Ken’s dTnT Journal, Post 5

  1. Sounds like fun.

  2. SSCrompton

    Ha ha! IT is fun! That’s the whole idea. And why not have fun creating a world? It’s a lot of work making that map, but I’ve had fun doing it. We hope you’ll find a little piece of Trollworld that you can put down your gaming roots and build a small island country, or see the name of your favorite place from your own T&T world here. So have at. Just remember that Ken reserves the right to refuse offensive or inappropriate names. You can’t name a town Luke Skywalker village (for example). OK have fun with it – we look forward to seeing what you all come up with…

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