Survey Results and What’s next…

Survey Items

Six hundred of you submitted answers to the big survey and today, we’ll go over the results. What did YOU want to see as new Milestone rewards? What new and future dT&T Products do you want to see us do next?… Let’s look at the numbers…

Question: If you could pick one item what would it be? (All numbers rounded)
40% voted for an Omnibus Solo collection
20% voted for a GM Screen
9% voted for a Wooden box
6% voted for a T-Shirt
6% voted for a classic black& gold box
5% voted for a cardboard box
5% voted for a Grimtooth Die
5% voted for the Easel Binder

Conclusions: Well obviously we are going to do an omnibus collection of solos as soon as we can. We’re already talking about which solos and how to organize them. If you don’t know already, we are going to create a cardboard GM screen and when we reach the 85k milestone, we’ll add the Easel Binder and the wooden box to the Kickstarter options.

One surprise for us was the interest in a T-shirt. As a group, we had mostly ruled out doing a t-shirt, but there were enough responses to make it worth doing. That item is available right now in the options section and if you like Liz Danforth art and want to make a statement about literacy, be sure to check it out!

Solo Adventures you want to see next
This rating was determined by a combination of the 2 highest preferences
The list of solos is pretty long, so rather the list them all out, let’s see what the top five most requested solitaire adventures are:

1. Collected Sorcerer’s Apprentice mini solos
2. Arena of Khazan By Ken St Andre
3. Collected Pocket Solos
4. Naked Doom By Ken St Andre
5. Dargon’s Dungeon by Micheal Stackpole

Again, we see the collections of hard-to-find mini and pocket solos are in high demand. You can expect to see these items coming out in one form or another sometime. After the main rules and other related items are done. We’ll get to the others as we can.

Top 5 GM Adventures you want to see next.
This rating was determined by a combination of the 2 highest preferences

1. Collected Sorcerer’s Apprentice GM adventures
2. Dungeon of the Bear levels 1-3
3. Isle of Darksmoke Level 2
4. Catacombs of Bear Cult
5. Uncle Ugly’s Underground

So there you go! Now you know how your votes went! We got some great comments too and some of those influenced our choices for the current Milestone rewards and new options that we added. One thing we’ve already had a few people ask about is the cardboard box. The reason we decided not to make one at this time involved a production issue. The printer’s minimum order for boxes was several thousand more then we would need. So we decided to wait on that for now. But very soon, those of you would really want a box will be able to buy the black lacquer, gold foil stamped, wooden box, which will last a lot longer than a cardboard box and look a lot more impressive.
See all the latest items and info at:

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