You can still get your character drawn into the Rulebook

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One of the Kiskstarter goals that has sold out is the one that allowed you to have you or your characters name and likeness appear in the new dT&T rulebook.  There were ten spots and all of those were sold.   So the Fellowship has come up with another reward that will still let you appear in the rules without overwhelming Liz’s mounting piles of work.  There’s only so much drawing and editing she can do in a day you know.

As of right now, the new reward called The August Timeways of the Demigod; will allow you to have you or you character to be mentioned and drawn into the book.  The big difference is that this time, Liz will sketch the character and Steve Crompton will do the final inks! You also get a signed hardback edition of the book signed by Ken, Liz and Steve, plus the original artwork.  the 4 coins, the 4 magnets, a pdf of the rules, and the postcard. The total cost for all this is $275

Liz has almost never let anyone else ink her work.  Its rarer than a solar eclipse.  However, this will not be the first time that Steve has inked Liz’s pencils.  Way back in 1981, Bear Peters recently finished Catacombs of the Bear Cult, needed some art for the book.  Liz had sketched out most of the art, but had not gotten around to inking it.  At the time, Steve was the assistant illustrator and paste-up artist at Flying Buffalo, so she hesitantly gave them to Steve to ink.  He went to work and soon Catacombs went to press.  Above is a sample of that rare collaboration.

Maybe you can be a part of the next one!

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One thought on “You can still get your character drawn into the Rulebook

  1. SSCrompton

    If you have any questions about getting your character drawn or about this new Pledge reward, this is the place to ask.

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