Artist’s Spotlight: Liz Danforth

Liz Header Art
Today we’re going to show you some of the more recent Liz Danforth art destined to appear in the Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls rulebook and the new version of Buffalo Castle. Liz’s art became a part of the T&T universe as far back as 1975, when she did some art for the first T&T Supplement. There is little doubt that her prowess and skill improved rapidly beween then and 1979 when the fifth edition was released.

These new pieces are in the classic Liz Danforth style, with elements of Art Nouveau graceful lines, but still uniquely her own style. Below each illustration is a brief comment by Liz about the illustration.

final--aspirin SM

WTF?? or The Bottle is Labelled “Eat Me”; What Do You Do?
When adventurers find a small bottle of pills with the label “Eat Me” … it’s always cause for a moment’s consternation. Will this cure a disease or poison you? Give you an increase in some attribute… or make you swell up, turn purple and explode? Often as not the only way to find out is …



final--Medusa SM

The Room of Stone Statues, or The Lady Needs Her Beauty Sleep

I invited people to let me draw them into the Buffalo Castle, as I was re-doing some of the (let’s say) “less attractive” original drawings. One room is full of life-like statues, and I wanted to focus on a few of those individuals. Ken and Steve volunteered for this one, and so I drew Ken in full armor with a crowned helm, in recognition of his status as the head of this merry band of misfits. Steve always had a rogue-ish air, so that’s the equipment I selected for him. I had quite a bit of fun doing this!


Smoke-filled room SM

Smoke Inhalation Danger, or Who Left the Fog Machine Running?
Pen and ink comes in two pure colors — black and white. An ink drawing that is to suggest shades of grey or fuzziness is always an interesting challenge. This image illustrates someone walking through a room filled with smoke or mist — a fun challenge.


A Dwarf Portrait
As I’ve said in my blog ( ), characters interest me. If I doodle something, it almost always starts out with a face. This fellow began as one of those kinds of doodles.

Elf w krisSM
Dreaming of Evil Schemes, or Mischief? Maybe!
This elf has mischief, pure mischief on his mind. He’s up to no good at all, and he will probably enjoy the trouble he’s going to cause some else far too much. As I recall, the main point of this piece was to illustrate a kris-dagger, but by putting it in the hands of someone hatching a scheme… it took on a lot more life. T&T has such an array on unusual weaponry that illustrating arms and armor is almost a necessity for someone whose shelves don’t groan with the weight of reference books, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a boring picture.

La SorciereSM

Make No Assumptions, or Chances of Your Saying The Right Thing Are Close to Nil
Ahh, another character who seems to be up to no good — although in this case, someone might almost almost enjoy seeing her at her worst! I was thinking of my warlock character in World of Warcraft when I drew this picture, although the only resemblance she bears to that character is a demonic companion and a bad attitude. On the other hand, don’t ever let someone tell you that all bare breasts are sexy… I doubt that her demon’s dugs would excite purient titillation in a frog (which is probably what she’d turn you into if you comment uninvited on hers).

If you’ve been reading this blog since the beginning, you can plainly see that many of the threads in the tapestry we call dT&T are already in place and ready to go. Liz’s beautiful art is just one more part of the whole picture. She has said she hopes to provide a finished cover sketch for the rulebook before the end of the Kickstarter, but time is running short… so stay tuned…

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4 thoughts on “Artist’s Spotlight: Liz Danforth

  1. Great! Classic look to the art.. very cool 😉

  2. SSCrompton

    Yep that’s what makes this project really special. Having the original artist and editor be the new artist and editor for the new edition of the rulebook – 30 years later. I mean how often does anything like that happen? Even having the original creator of the game reworking the rules after so long is also an amazing feat. so now we get to see a little preview of Liz’s art. As you can see the style of the art is going to be consistent with the what so many of you liked all those years ago. We have also uncovered some additional long lost art by Liz Danforth and Rob Carver, whose work also appeared in the 1st – 5th edition rulebooks.

  3. stefanorenco

    I played Buffalo Castle (the original . . . with the 50 cent coupon still intact!) recently, and recognize some of those rooms!

  4. How good to have a treat in store later this year…nostalgia is a great thing and have the past upgraded is even better 🙂

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