The dT&T Wooden Box (and beyond)

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dT&T Wooden Box Price announced!
Yes a price has finally been worked out.  Here’s Rick Loomis’ official quote about the box… “THE BOX! We have found a great supplier for laser cut wooden boxes. He promises us a great-looking box for a reasonable price. It will be black, with the logo and artwork laser-etched, with the etching filled with gold-colored paint. We are going to make it look as much like the old black & gold box set as we can. It will be big enough to hold your rulebook, dice, pencil, paper, and other odds and ends (assuming you want to carry this elegant box around to your gaming locations!)  We have to charge $45 for this, but we are pretty sure you will be pleased with it!”

$100k Milestone Rewards:  If this milestone is reached everyone will receive the Origins Poker Deck and you will get some temporary tattoos (we may even make more than just two different!)

New Options:  Here are a list of new options that have been recently added in the final days:
Printed version of City of Terrors with recolored original cover – $7

 1 gig Thumb Drive with our logo printed on it, pre-loaded with all the KS pdfs .  (And if you are a $1 or $5 supporter who wasn’t going to get these free pdfs, you can now add them all for pledging  for this thumb drive – $20.

dT&T Wooden Box (details above) – $45

August Demigod of the Timeways:  This option was added a few days ago and allows you to be added to the Rules by name, and in an illustration – Liz will do the pencils and Steve Crompton will ink.  You get the original art. (details on the KS options column) – $275

Making of a Legend” dungeon by Bear Peters. If someone else was sorry to see this opportunity slip from their grasp, now is the time to reconsider! It’s a “one only” option that was listed  with the main options that was sold, but now it is available again. (details on the KS options column) – $1200

We are now in the final 3 days.  Many of these options will NOT be available after the Kickstarter project ends on Tuesday.  Its been an amazing journey for the fellowship as we have connected with many old friends form those early days, many of whom we’d had lost contact with for many years.  The support and help has been tremendous and we are deeply touched by the outpouring of love for the flexible rpg that just wouldn’t die!  Be sure to post a comment, we read each one.  And tell your friends they only have 3 days left!

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