Deluxe T&T Cover art revealed, plus sad news about Liz…

T&Tcover Pencils-sml

Today we have some good news and some  sad news, both of which involve everyone’s  favorite T&T artist, Liz Danforth.

THE GOOD NEWS: If you’ve been reading the comments  at the Kickstarter page or  here at the blog, you know that Liz  has been working hard to get the cover sketch finished before the end of the Kickstarter pledge period.  The good news is that Liz has finished the sketch and has sent us a scan to use for a big cover reveal just in time for the concluding days of this big dT&T festival we’re all a part of.

We are presenting her sketch as she originally drew it and with the background reversed so you can see the characters jump out of the image.  It’s an in interesting, different way to look at it.  Liz had planned to give us a rough color version of this sketch, but that leads us to the bad news we need to tell you.

THE BAD NEWS:  Early today, Liz badly burned her hand and had to go a Doctor to get it checked.  Her hand injury is  serious and she was told she had 3rd degree burns.  She will not be doing much drawing and much less typing for the next few days and probably a week.  Please send her your best wishes and pray that her drawing hand fully recovers soon!  Visit her her Facebook page to see a photo of her hand, and to get the latest news on her recovery.

Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy this sneak peak at the new cover for the Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls Rulebook!

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11 thoughts on “Deluxe T&T Cover art revealed, plus sad news about Liz…

  1. To clarify — doc said it was definitely 2nd degree, but only “might” be 3rd. Hard to tell (yet) since skin was unbroken. Thanks for all the good wishes!

  2. SSCrompton

    You take care of that hand Liz – it’s a national treasure!
    Besides we’re going to need it for drawing painting and editing. IF there is anything I can do to help – you let me know.

  3. stefanorenco

    The cover looks like it is waiting for . . . take all the time you need!

  4. Cover sketch looks awesome! Very exciting to see the parts coming together on this.

    Hope your hand heals soon and with a minimal amount of pain for you, Liz!

  5. SSCrompton

    I thought I’d post some of the comments appearing on Trollhalla, so Liz can see them more easily:

    Starff Orenggk said… ” Argh! Burns are no fun.
    Last week, I think it was, I used a George Foreman Grill to cook a burger. I pulled the plug and left it too cool. After a while I lightly touched the surface to see if it was cool enough for my dog to do an initial cleaning with her tongue. D’OH! It turns out I unplugged my coffee maker. The grill was still at full heat. Got a nicely blistered finger.”

    Garrrlakk said: Liz Danforth…Please heal quickly. You have my sympathies. How frustrating. Hope you get well soon. All my best wishes and prayers are for you.

    Naharaht said… ” Yes, please accept my best wishes for your the healing of your burnt hand, Liz Danforth. I have always admired your artwork.”

    I’ll post more comments as they come in…

  6. Robert de Lambert

    Fantastic cover. Wow!

    Mend quickly.

  7. Get well soon!

  8. Mikkeebboi

    Get well soon quickly Liz!

  9. Rob

    Oooo – that cover is fantastic looking!!!

  10. derv

    Ugh Liz! Take care of that hand and avoid any chances of infection by giving it time to heal.

    Your cover art really has me interested in what your process is in making your art. As someone that is interested in art, I would love to read your steps from start to finish and the tools you use. But that could wait for another time.

  11. 9th level Poor Baby on the way!

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