One journey ends and another begins…

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We passed our final milestone today on the long journey to renewing Tunnels & Trolls.  We traveled over 125,000K.  The trip was far longer than any of us would have guessed and as long as the journey was, we enjoyed every step of it. and we are so glad that over 1600 of you joined us on this amazing voyage.  That journey is over, but don’t be sad, for everything we wanted to do – we did. More than we could have imagined. And you were all helping us build a path to another place.

A new journey begins tomorrow.  That is the journey that will take all of you to Trollworld.  This time you will get to see the wonders, the magic and the kindreds of this mythical place.  And you’ll have a chance to share that place with your friends, the way we have shared it with you.

Words cannot convey the camaraderie and happiness we feel at this success.  We knew T&T had been around a long time.  But we didn’t know how many of you remember it so fondly.  Thank you.  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.  Our goal now, will be to give you all the art and maps and books and coins that you pledged for, and make each one a joy to behold and a thing of beauty.

And here now here is a video clip that sums it up better than anything I could ever write…
Watch it and think of the journey we have all just traveled…

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5 thoughts on “One journey ends and another begins…

  1. Roughly a month ago my son asked me what Dungeons and Dragons was. I gave him the best explanation I could, having never played it. He was hooked on the idea instantly. Upon researching the topic more, I stumbled across T&T. We started our troll journey thinking that this was our ‘starter’ system that would eventually prepare us for a ‘real game’. A month later we are both hooked on this amazing game, and i am so glad we found it in time to be a part of the awesomeness that was the Kickstarter campaign. Thanks for this game, and the memories it’s already building. Now quick, someone make a saving roll on time travel to get us to August quicker.

  2. SSCrompton

    Thanks Geoffreh! Its really gratifying to know that NEW players are discovering T&T with the increased attention the game has gotten since the Kickstarter project started. Many people have stated that they are getting the new dT&T rules just to see what the game is actually like. We’ve also seen a lot of people who played T&T years ago, rediscovering the game now that an updated edition is on the horizon.

  3. Mike Jarvis

    I game across T&T in (I think) 1978. Just last Autumn we started a new campaign based in and around Gull, using 7.5 edition. This game is what you make it and it does have longevity.

  4. I hope we get regular updates . . . after y’all have had a chance to celebrate!

  5. I agree, updates would be nice. However, if they skimp on the blogging and DT&T shows up at my front door in June instead of August, I consider it a trade well made.

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