The Forgotten Map of Khosht – FOUND!

This is a work in progress, the colors are there just to make it look a little more interesting.  When done, it will have the same antique look as the Trollworld map.

This is a work in progress, the colors are there just to make it look a little more interesting. When done, it will have the same antique look as the Trollworld map.

So what has the fellowship been up to since the Kickstarter ended?  A lot actually.  We’ve already finished the text and art for the postcard, the tattoos, the dice and the pledger magnet and we’ve sent them off to be be made.  A lot of those items will be mailed to you all in the next month (give or take a couple of weeks.)
Ken continues working on the rules and in fact added some additional info on how to add martial artists into your campaign.  (See, we are listening to you!)  Liz’s hand is still healing, but she has made some more progress on the cover and worked on the survey.  Rick is very busy with the logistics of the recently sent survey and getting stuff to the printers.  And what of Bear and Steve?  (that’s me)  That answer gets us back to the title of this post and the map of Khosht…
Admittedly, this post’s title is a little misleading. Bear Peters always knew there was a giant map of Khosht, but the rest of the fellowship didn’t know it existed or had assumed it had long ago been lost to the ravages of time.   Its rediscovery by the rest of us  all started when Ken suggested that we do a few pages in the rules about each of the cities that were going to be on the coins.  A few days after the Kickstarter ended,  I asked Bear if he had anything about Khazan, Knor, Khosht or Gull among his map collection.
Bear said “Are you kidding? I’ve got a HUGE map of Khosht! But I was told there was no easy way to put it to any use,  so I never bothered to mention it.”
I immediately begged him to bring it over.  It was indeed huge – I think its 36 x 30 inches at least, but it was a glorious sight to behold!  This was the map that Ken, Bear, Liz, Mike and UglyJohn had used in the early days when they were all exploring the game and world that is T&T.  This was where their characters actually lived.  Many of the solo and GM adventures take place not too far from Khosht.  Monsters! Monsters! was inspired in part by events that took place Khosht.  It was an amazing find – A true piece of Trollworld history!  And, not only did Bear have the map, but he had extensive notes and info on the places and quarters of the city map, so that we could not just show the map, but tell about it in detail!
Bear left the map in my care and I began on the process of inking it onto vellum (it was drawn in pencil) so that I could get it scanned and turned into something that we could use in the rulebook.  Above is the map as it stands now.  Its not done, but this piece of it will give you a taste of what the fellowship is up to and what you have to look forward to in the dT&T rules
Really we could do a whole book on Khosht – and it may well become a future project.  For now though, the plan is to give you enough info to use the map to run your OWN campaigns.   We’d love to hear what you think of it and any suggestions you might have to help you make more use of it…
Below is a photo of the actual 35 year old map that Bear gave me to make the final inked version from…
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15 thoughts on “The Forgotten Map of Khosht – FOUND!

  1. Mike Jarvis

    That’s just wonderful. One of the (many) things I’ve loved about the dT&T kickstarter is the way us gamers are learning more and more about the classic T&T setting.

  2. Can we see a picture of the original penciled map?

  3. SSCrompton

    I’ll see what I can do… Its hard to photograph as it is a large tightly rolled up map on grid paper all drawn in pencil. I’m not sure how well it would show up, but I’ll give it a try…

  4. Steve is correct that my hand is healing, although very slowly. It was a 3rd degree burn, and in consequence it will be several weeks before we know the full extent of the damage — and months before it is fully healed. That said, I am overjoyed that it is pretty much painfree and I have full use of it. I just have to wear this dumb bandage 24/7 and keep it from getting infected.

    Steve was correct to say I was painting, but it is not actually the dT&T cover just yet. I am putting the finishing touches on the Frost and Fire painting I wrote about in October ( for a collaborative art book from many of the early Magic the Gathering artists ( It will go with me to Seattle at the end of the month, where Emerald City Comic Con is making a fairly big deal about the book’s launch. If you’re in the area, please come say hello and let me shake your hand! er, your LEFT hand.

  5. SSCrompton

    Thanks all – In terms of scale… if you look at the left side of the map you’ll see a what looks like a village outside the city walls. If you figure a typical little square there is a the size a a small house, you get an idea for how big the buildings are in Khosht. A lot of those buildings are in fact, entire blocks of buildings and Bear has notes on most all of these in terms of if they are rich townhomes, poor hovels, businesses, barracks, govt buildings etc. We’ll give you that basic information in the rules at the very least. There is SO much more! We may have to put out a separate product for that, with a big full color map and a detailed book to go with it…

  6. My interest in seeing a photo of the original map is curiosity only, not for reference. So it doesn’t matter if the fine details show up!

    Yes, the dT&T team should be thinking ahead about follow-up projects! Things that will A) make FBI and the creative team money, and B) maintain a feeling of momentum and interest in the game and Trollworld!

  7. Steve Zieser

    That is so cool! I love finding old game maps and the memories they contain!

  8. Stefan, we are most definitely thinking about followup projects and those who can do them. 🙂

  9. I have a solotaire adventure started, one more I hope to write, and a GM adventure in early planning!

    I know the creative gears are starting to creaking into motion when I write stuff in my head during dog walks.

  10. (Looks at original map) Now that’s cool!

  11. Rob

    This is exciting. I really look forward to anything and everything you can make out of the map and notes – whether in the DT&T book or outside of it. Very exciting. Did I say that?

  12. anem kram

    The original map is blurry, but it’s huge! Maybe someone will fill out the details.

  13. SSCrompton

    Anem – The color map at the top, shows a cropped section of the full map in the photo, but when I inked the map, I got ALL of it down, so don’t worry. You’ll see the rest of the map in the rule book (or as much of it as we can reasonably fit on 2 pages. We are talking about doing a full-sized version of this with a giant color map and a big book full of details and history of Khosht, but that may have to wait for a future Kickstarter. Are there enough of you out there that want such a thing? Let us know – we ARE listening!

    • I would certainly Kickstart (or just plain buy) a setting book for Khosht… though if it was Kickstarted I would say go for a boxed set with separate GM & Player books & maps. What’s Kickstarter for if not to realize crazy dreams!

  14. Bryant

    I’d be really interested in that book!

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