Ken’s dT&T Journal, Post 8


I have now reached the hard part of my job in the Deluxe T & T project.  It isn’t hard to write.  I love to write.  My fingers leap around the keyboard, and my brain teems with ideas.  I have lots of stuff I could write.  And it will all be witty, brilliant, immortal prose.  Or, at least momentarily amusing . . .

The hard part is finishing things.  Two weeks ago I started a new solo adventure for First edition Tunnels and Trolls.  It is called Saving Fang (from the Pits of Morgul).  This isn’t a deluxe adventure.  It’s a first edition adventure.  I never did a solo for first edition T & T.  One of the hardest things is staying true to how we played the game back in 1975.  I come up with a situation and think about how I would roleplay it now, and then compare to how I would have done it back then, and force myself to use the earlier style.  No matter what people tell you, the game has actually evolved and changed a good deal since those first guidelines were published back in 1975.  (The heart of it-combat and saving rolls-have only changed a little bit).  I think I can finish it in less than 100 paragraphs, and I have at least 55 of them done.  But, damn! It is so hard to quit reading email, Twitter, Facebook, my favorite mmorpg, and focus on finishing the adventure.  You know what they say: hard work and planning pay off in the future; laziness pays off now.

Who knows how much I could accomplish with the proper motivation? Heh!

Who knows how much I could accomplish with the proper motivation? Heh!

One thing that helps me stay on task is any kind of encouragement.  You want to see this solo adventure finished?  Bug me about it!  I mean it.  Go ahead and bug me.  If I see some email that says, “Have you saved Fang yet?” I might just buckle down and try to finish it.  Honest, I’m going back to working on it as soon as I finish this blog.

Some of you also have work to do for deluxe T & T.  Some of you paid for character portraits, or islands, or to name places on the map, or to have your characters used as examples.  I know who some of you are because you are members of Trollhalla and have been in touch with me.  But, if you’re not a member of Trollhalla, and you paid for something special, then this might be a good time for you to sit down and do some writing too.  Is your character slated to show up in the rules text?  Tell me about it–name, kindred, experience level, idiosyncracies, male or female or other.  Don’t expect everything you tell me to make it into the rules, but do tell me enough to get some idea of who or what your character is.  If you’re naming a place, go ahead and tell me a little bit about the place.  Who lives there? What does it produce? What problems do the inhabitants face?

Liz is doing the character portraits and new art.  If all you expect is a picture, you can save that info if you want and give it to her directly when she asks for it.  Even so, you might start firming up your expectations–in a general sort of way.  Write up a character description so it will be ready when she needs it.  I don’t need that info unless I’m putting your character in the rules, or perhaps putting them into one of the extra adventures I’m writing.  But, as a writer and a gamer, you might find it interesting to have that info down on paper, or in pixels on a computer somewhere.

You can send me an email by addressing it to  I’m easy to reach.  I don’t promise to answer unless you really have something interesting to say.  Actually, I answer when I think I have something interesting to say.  You may be utterly profound, and if I don’t have anything to add, I won’t respond.  You’ve been warned, but write to me anyway.  I need the encouragement.  (Grin!)

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One thought on “Ken’s dT&T Journal, Post 8

  1. Yeah, update! I hope everyone in the team has a chance to let us know what they’re doing. Keep up the excitement with previews and such.

    I know what you mean about distractions. Last weekend I opened up a Word file and imported a text file with my work to date on the Solo adventure I’ve been writing. This was supposed to be the first step of getting serious and getting over the hump. Of course, I ended up surfing.

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