The Continuing Adventures of the Fellowship of the Troll

Behold the Fellowship, ready to travel to Trollworld in search of knowledge and a safe path for the rest of you to follow!

THE GROUP PHOTO: Near the end of the Kickstarter campaign lots of various pledge rewards were offered, just to keep things exciting and interesting.  For example; Liz Danforth, promised that she would get a tattoo of the Mage illustration and have a video of her getting the tattoo on YouTube.  One of the other promised items was an 11 x 17 group photo of the Fellowship.

Several of us were surprised by the news: “What? We have to pose for a group photo?  AAARRHH!”  “When did we agree to that?!”  These were some of the responses once  the pledge goal was hit and we actually now had to DO a photo!

Ideas and suggestions came hot and heavy;  “Let’s just get a picture of us at the office,”  Let’s go to a Ren Fair and all get dressed in medieval outfits and take our picture there.  “Let’ do a shoot at a park” “Let’s do a wanted poster…”

So we narrowed things down, everyone voted and we eventually settled on doing a sort of cross-genre wanted poster with a bit of fantasy, steampunk and wild wild west thrown in for good measure.  The photo above is one of the 130 photos that were taken for the shoot.

Why THIS idea?

Well believe it or not, T&T was creating cross-genre adventures before that concept became popular.  The City of Terrors solo has several science fiction side adventures in it. Medieval and Roman themes are explored in several of the solos as well.  T&T had rules for using early guns in the 5th edition. Then there’s some art Liz has created for T&T, which clearly shows characters in outfits and hats that don’t really fit into the traditional fantasy armor and clothing one sees in “that other game.”

Besides, T&T was created in Arizona by people who grew up there, so the Western motif is ingrained in their very souls. (whether they want it to be or not!)

So the Fellowship gathered some of their favorite clothing and treasured items and we each created a cross-genre persona for the photo.  Our thought is the group is about to go on an adventure in Trollworld and we took this photo the day before we leave.

Ken St Andre is the Steampunk Wizard, with pointed hat and staff. His magic leads the way in the darkness.

Liz Danforth became a no-nonsense Warrior Scout. Her tracking skills find valuable treasures and avoid dangerous peril.

Bear Peters is the Mad Scientist whose flying ship and wacky inventions help the Fellowship out of tricky situations.

Steve Crompton is the agile Rogue who picks locks and talks his way out of danger.

Rick Loomis is the diplomatic Sheriff, who makes sure that all the proper rules and permits are taken care of to avoid any trouble for other authorities in TrollWorld.

We had a lot of fun that day getting it all together for the shoot.  We drove up to Cave Creek, AZ to Deb’s Wild West Memories A photo studio to get the shot done.  They did a great job and were very helpful with letting us use our props right along side with theirs.  Some of the Fellowship were skeptical of the whole idea, but once we embarked on this path, all five of us rallied together and each did their utmost to make it a success. We shared costume pieces and ideas and after it was all over, we all considered it an enjoyable success.  It was a little bit of live-action role-playing and some cosplay.

If nothing else, it was also a once in a lifetime opportunity to immortalize the Fellowship of the Troll in a very memorable manner!

Let us know what you think…

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9 thoughts on “The Continuing Adventures of the Fellowship of the Troll

  1. Yee haw!

  2. Excellent! It also confirms something I’ve suspected from time to time: My spirit animal is The Bear.

  3. What a motley crew! Kudos for finding the time to get together and get silly.

  4. That is a *very* awesome photo!

  5. anem kram

    Great photo!

  6. SSCrompton

    YES! We are very happy with how it came out! And it was awesome to do it all together. Something I will never forget! I told the rest of the Fellowship that we should think of this as if it were a picture for an album cover. We have many MORE photos to share with you you yet… But I wanted to get one out there as soon as possible. This photo was taken on Saturday, March 16th less than 24 hours after the shoot…

  7. What a wonderful photo! Fun!

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  9. Randall Williams

    It looks like the beginning of a new game system idea. Do something and be something different!
    A assorted cast of characters – now for the game concept and rules! 🙂

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