Staff Problems

We had a lot of fun at the photo shoot.  As we were nearing the end of it, all the props suddenly inspired me to act out a little skit.  You know how Deluxe Staffs are supposed to be imprisoned demons with a personality of their own?  What if the staff refused to do what the wizard told it to do–i.e. cast a certain spell.  Would the wizard get pushy?









As  you can see, the wizard took the shot in that confrontation, and now is kind of out of it.  I invite you to make up the narrative for this little tale of hard knocks.

No way I was going to take the fall all the way to its logical conclusion, but the next picture would show me dropping staff and gun. After that it would show me  prone on the floor. And finally the staff would hover in mid-air over the prostrate wizard–a victim of a different kind of knock knock spell.


In other news, I’m working on the deluxe rules, and yesterday I imagined some kindred specific suits of armor.  It seems unlikely to me that elves and dwarves and others would be wearing the same kind of human armor that is offered to the players in the rules.  So, the Deluxe rules will say something about that.


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3 thoughts on “Staff Problems

  1. I like the idea of kindred-specific armor, and perhaps weapons too.

    Maybe they’d be a little bit more effective, but only in the hands / on the bodies of the folk who made them. And/or jealously keep them out of the hands of other kin.

  2. naharaht

    The wizard must have been very distracted to forget that a deluxe staff is indestructible.

  3. I imagine there’s a specialized form of the Banishing spell that can get rid of a Deluxe wand.

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