New Places in Trollworld

This part of Trollworld is wild and mostly unexplored.  This is where I have located many of the places where your Trollworld and mine intersect.

This part of Trollworld is wild and mostly unexplored. This is where I have located many of the places where your Trollworld and mine intersect.

Part of the deal with the Tunnels and Trolls Kickstarter was that supporters would get to locate their places on the map of Trollworld.    I’ve been in a hurry to get that done, and have pushed my co-workers, especially Steve, to make that happen.  Until now, other things have taken priority.  But, yesterday I got together with Steve Crompton, and compiled all the places that people had asked me (paid for) to put on the map.  We had lunch. We talked about gaming projects and writing projects, and then we went back to Steve’s office, fired up his computer, and filled in all the blank spots on the map.  We added a few things that were not there before.

I thought you might like to see it.  Four new places were added to the continent of Rrr’lff.  They have been highlighted in yellow.  Most of the people naming things were naming islands.  All the islands that you see on this map with names were christened by Panjandrums who bought the right to name an island.

A couple of the islands named above came from supporters’ last names.  I’m sorry, but those people ignored me twice when I asked them which island they wanted, and what to call it.  One person did write back with a really great name, but it was a full day after Steve and I finished the map.  I apologize to the people who paid good money to name an island, and didn’t actually get to do so.  I gave you some of the largest islands that were left unclaimed, and put your name (or most of it in one case).

So . . . . . . take a look at the Backlands, I mean Badlands, of Rrr’lff and see if you can spot the four new adventure locations.  Go sailing through the islands and stop to visit those with names.  Beware of pirates.  There are a lot of lawless types up in that part of Trollworld.

There are other new names on the Trollworld maps including two places on the eagle continent of Zorr and several islands not in the Wings archipelago.  However, I don’t want to show you everything before the final map/maps are published as part of Deluxe.  So, if you know that you named something, but you don’t see it on the map above, then it is in another part of the world.  And if you’re one of the people who did name part of Trollworld, be proud.  You are helping create the world of Tunnels and Trolls!


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