Another Part of Trollworld

WorldMap-Gull area

Not everyone got their place names in to me as quickly as i wanted them to, but I’m glad to say that the slow ones did finally get in touch with me, and told me what they wanted.  Steve and I got together again yesterday and added two more places to the Dragon Continent, one of which is shown on this map.

Since I’m updating the map, it gives me a chance to share another corner of Trollworld with you.  This is the part around the Isle of Phoron and the city of Gull.   The Dragon’s foreleg and breast is part of the Human lands in this part of Khosht.  In fact there are a lot of human cities in this part of the world, places where nonhuman kindreds aren’t liked or tolerated very well.  Khosht, Knor, Kartejan, Bamora, Voluka, Jankhun, G’eon, Dueraz, Jepik, and Rubla are all human cities.   To these has been added the small village of Ledabris. Although the village has a population of less than 100 people, I’m told that it is close to a number of ancient dungeons and other dangerous places.

Kickstarter patrons also named four previously nameless islands in this part of the world: Khrayyt, Cotillion, Guyeneal, and Vellaland.  I’m told there is a city called Bookfell on Cotillion.  Alas, the namer chose an island really too small to show a city, but we all know it’s there now.  If you scroll to the east you’ll find another mostly human island, Celtic Broch.

Although the jungle labeled as the Naga Lands is the home territory of a race of serpent-men sorcer0rs, the coastal cities of Angos, Khavia, Terres, and Katras are all human as well.  Farther east is the large island of Sonan Ie, where the dominant human culture is based on that of Japan.  The big island of Darksmoke is, I believe, owned by a dragon, but mostly inhabited by humans.

Although Trollworld is a nexus of universes, inhabited by dozens or perhaps hundreds of different, intelligent species (called Kindreds), it should still be considered a mostly human world.  If you want to keep that sense of wonder where elves, dwarves, trolls, goblins, and other eerie types are rare, magical, and seldom seen, you might want to set your adventures down in the area of the Dragon’s Front Leg.  I’ll be writing more adventures set down there, and on the Eagle Continent of Zorr in the future.

I’ve been told that some members of Trollhalla are also creating new adventures in this corner of the world.  Susan Davis is writing an adventure set on Vellaland.  Mike Stackpole has done a long essay about his city of Gull, and I’d like to see him write some more adventures.  He has his own mythology going on down there, and I’d like to see him do more with it in the future.  Stan Frady is also a member of Trollhalla, and he has an island called Celtic Broch that I’ve already mentioned.

For all the new places we’re showing you now, just take a look and you’ll see that the map is still mostly empty.  There is plenty of room for you to locate your own population centers and places of peril.  C’mon down.  The adventuring weather is fine  and we’d like to see you.


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One thought on “Another Part of Trollworld

  1. Mike Jarvis

    I’m loving all of this! And I can’t wait for Mike Stckpole’s essay on Gull. I’ve long set my adventures there and I’d love to read the ‘real’ version.

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