Steve Crompton emerges from his cave…

Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls Game Master screen art

Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls Game Master screen art

Hello all – Yes, its been awhile since I ‘ve posted here, but if it is any consolation that’s because I have been very busy working on various things for dT&T.  For example, did you know that we created a special preview edition of the dT&T rules for Free RPG Day?  Well we did, and it looks great (coming soon to a store near you).  Also I got the production art done for the pencil, the dice, the magnets, and have virtually finished the map. and scanned in piles of artwork for the rulebook.  Plus Buffalo Castle is on its way.

What finally lured me out of my cave and into the light was the completion of the art for the front of the GM screen.  (Yes that’s the image right up there)  In working on the City of the Gods books, I’ve gotten very good at removing images from famous paintings and then placing them in an entirely new setting.  So with the OK of the rest of the Fellowship, I selected various images from some of the classic T&T books and created this (hopefully stunning) image for the GM screen.  We hope you like it.  Please let us know what you think, by posting comments below.

So – just to make things interesting let’s have a CONTEST!
Can you give me the titles of the books I got these images from?  If you are a true hardcore T&T fan, you’ll have these in your collection. There is nothing tricky about this and there are no hidden images or anything like that.  Just figure out which books the various characters appeared in and email me your list.  The prize will be a signed copy of Ken’s novel Rose of Stormgaard.  (If you already have that you can instead pick the Mythic Tales anthology which has a story by Ken and art by me and Liz)  So the first person to email me a list of the book titles wins!  So don’t hesitate.  You can e-mail me at  First correct entry wins.  I’ll post the winner’s name and the correct answers right here on the Blog.

By the way, the background image is NOT from any T&T book – BUT if you can also name the title of this painting(or even the artist)  I will include a copy of Mythic Tales with the Rose of Stormgaard novel.  OK Ready.. Set… GO!

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17 thoughts on “GM SCREEN IMAGE & A CONTEST!

  1. I like it. 🙂

  2. SSCrompton

    Ed – I got your e-mail. Not bad guesses, you are allowed to guess again if you figure out the others…
    A couple of other people also guessed, but didn’t know them all either. Someone will figure it out. I don’t think its that tough. We’ll see…

  3. That is a *really* really nice image!
    I’m not going to take a stab at the contest though – 3 images I’ve never seen before so I’d fail without trying. lol

  4. Nicely done!

  5. SSCrompton

    So far, you have all been stymied by the images on the GM screen, so today, I’ll give you a hint:

    There are seven different Flying Buffalo published, T&T products represented on the GM screen.

    So keep guessing – And if you already have the prizes I’m offering, I’ll substitute something else you don’t have – OK?

  6. Poor Steve had to put up with a lot of my saying “Tweak this, try moving that, can you punch up this?” and I think he did a KNOCKOUT job. I fear people are having trouble with the contest because quite a few of these versions were or are out of print… which may be something we should look into fixing!

  7. A lot of my versions are older and don’t have the color pictures pulled for this. I have managed to identify all but one, because I have never seen that image anywhere before. Ah well, such is life, I still have a nice collection of 30 year old T&T stuff 🙂

  8. SSCrompton

    Woo… all of you seem to be caught on the same thing. OK here’s another hint, so you don’t think we are showing you anything from a book that hasn’t been published yet or a book that was published recently. All the images I used for the collage came from Flying Buffalo T&T books published between 1979 and 1984.

  9. At least for me, that isn’t much of a hint. I bought everything available at the time direct from Flying Buffalo in 1984, and most of my lower numbered solos are all monochrome artwork. Heck, I thought 17 was as high as solos went…

  10. Turned out one of the images came from the US version of a solo and I had the UK version. lol Ok, now I’m down to two unknowns…

  11. Down to 1….

  12. SSCrompton


    Late last night TWO people turned in their correct guesses at exactly the same time down to the minute! 10:43 What are the odds of that? So being the magnanimous sort that I am – I’m going to send one of them Rose of Storngaard and one of them the Mythic Tales book. (seems only fair) So our 2 winners are Dan Hembree & Glen Bolling – So congratz to them on a job well done!

    Here is the list and location of the images…
    T&T 5th edition rulebook (Troll fight – Top left)
    Labyrinth (Centaur – Bottom left)
    Naked Doom (Witch, skull and baboons – center / right)
    Sewers of Oblivion (Red demon and man with sword – center)
    City of Terrors (Blue orc -orange hair – front / center)
    Blue Frog Tavern (Flying Dragon – Top Left
    Captive d’Yvoire (Blue Troll – left)

    Some of you didn’t know that FBI had published 19 solos (Captive d’Yvoire was #19)
    BUT – the one image that seemed to perplex everyone was the Blue orc from City of Terrors.
    Here’s the story behind that image. From 1978 to 1983, City of Terrors had the Black and white wraparound cover by Liz and Rob. But by 1983, the retailers wanted color covers. So Steve Peregine was hired to paint a new wraparound cover. To make things tougher to figure out, the blue orc is on the BACK part of wraparound cover. (I don’t know if that actually is an orc – but that’s what I’m calling it) Compared to the older editions of City of Terrors, not that many copies of this edition was printed, making it a bit of a rarity. So now you know – the rest of the story…

    Thanks to our sponsor Raven Press for providing the Mythic Tales & Rose of Stormgaard books.
    To find out more about Mythic Tales please go to:
    To find out more about Rose of Stormgaard go to:
    Check them out and thanks for playing! Feel free to continue to comment on the GM Screen image and the contest…

    • “There is nothing tricky about this” you said. lol
      Good one, fun contest, congrats to those who won!

  13. SSCrompton

    Everyone seemed to have a good time with this – so we’ll try to do some more contests in the future as new dT&T developments come to the forefront. – Stay tuned!

  14. Glen Bolling

    Wow, I won.
    That yellow haired beast gave me some trouble too.
    For a day I thought it was my mom’s cat. Yellow hair(fur), claws, fangs. And it had a definite taste for my fingers when I got close enough to see if it had blue skin. However, with further searching and researching I found the yellow haired beast as I exited the city of terrors. I had finally looked at the back cover. I was fortunate to have acquired the color copy recently. The first time I looked at it, I only looked at the front cover and a few pages into it. If I had been more through, I would have shortened my time by a day. Getting the word out was a small adventure. As my internet connection was down. I had to travel to starbucks in the next town to get online. I am glad I did not wait to morning to do it at work.
    All in all, I had some fun hunting down the answers.

  15. SSCrompton

    Thanks Glen! Sorry you had to drive so far. Now don’t forget to send me your address so I can mail you your prize!

  16. No contribution to the contest, but I would like to see this one a GM Screen, but the other side should not show some rules pages (it’s T&T after all) but some plastic surfaces for the use with eraseable markers. That would fit to a ruleslight system like T&T 😉

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