Lost, found and recreated T&T artwork…

Three pieces of lost or recomposited T&T art

Three pieces of lost or recomposited T&T art

By Steve Crompton
In putting together the art for the numerous T&T reprints and the new dT&T Rules, I’ve made it one of my missions to find, scan and track down any T&T related art that may have become forgotten or lost over the years.  I was surprised by just how much art has been shrouded and lost by the passage of time.

One of the reasons for this lost art was the replacement of older editions of T&T solos with newer ones.  A perfect example of this is the original cover for Dargon’s Dungeon.  When the book was rewritten and printed with a new color cover, Liz’s 1978 b&w cover was left unused until we found it in 2013.  There were also two calendars from 1978 and 1979 that contained several of  Liz’s and Rob Carver’s art in which the artwork was never reprinted.

Sorcerer’s Apprentice is another great source of lost T&T art, including some of my very own.  Liz also did several illos that were used in ads for T&T, Flying Buffalo and Catalyst products that were only used for a short time and then forgotten.  There were also a few limited edition items that contained lost art that we rediscovered.

One experiment I conducted is digitally re-compositing or even re-inking some of the older art to make it better suit our current needs.  I recently created the image of the Mad Dwarf Wizard for Ken & Bear’s new Free RPG Day dungeon by merging several parts of some Rob Carver character illos to create a new character.   I was also taken by a sketch Rob had done of an archer in the first edition of T&T and I reinked it, adding more detail and turning the archer into an elf.   (Back in 1982 I actually got to touch-up and re-ink some of Rob’s art for the reprint of Naked Doom, so this isn’t the first time we’ve “worked together” in this manner.)

Before and After. 1975  Rob Carver sketch, inked and enhanced by Steve Crompton in 2013.

Before and After. 1975 Rob Carver sketch, inked and enhanced by Steve Crompton in 2013.

I’m sure we won’t use all the art I’ve discovered and scanned, but we have a great well-spring of original art that was created by the same artists and in the same time as many of the pieces we all know and love in the 5th edition T&T Rulebook.  My hope is that all this this “new” art will fit right in with all our other favorites and will pay tribute to some of these lost and forgotten pieces.   Don’t worry though, there’s going to be plenty of brand new illustrations in dT&T as well!

Feel free to comment or suggest other places we might find Liz or Rob art that we might have overlooked!

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3 thoughts on “Lost, found and recreated T&T artwork…

  1. “The most flexible RPG there is” is probably the best short statement of what TnT is and was, and why we who use it have a hard time going to anything which requires remembering things. I keep the Saving Rolls listing/chart for the first four SRs and utterly neglect any other rules as being annoyances set there to slow down play or make it less realistic.

    Similarly, I know there’s gonna be lotsa meat in dTnT, and I’ll be entertained by the meat and potatoes – but I’ll probably fall back to SRs. Everything else is gravy. I do love me more history of Khenn’s Trollworld!

  2. anen kram

    Awesome! I can’t wait to see more T&T artwork.

  3. We’ll have more art and some exciting announcements soon. Meanwhile If you are going to the Origins Game Convention, next week, be sure to stop by the Flying Buffalo booth and check out the many NEW items that we have produced for dT&T, just in time for the convention! Dice, a preview of the new rules, the 17 x 22 TrollWorld map, 1st edition T&T reprint and the new version of Buffalo Castle are all waiting for you…

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