By Steve Crompton

As you may or may not know, part of our plan for the world section of the Deluxe T&T rulebook is to have maps of four cities that play a role in the history of the game. A few months ago we showed you the map of Khosht. Now we’re presenting Khazan, capital of the Northern Empire.

With Khosht we discovered a forgotten map that Bear Peters had kept in a tube for thirty years. Khazan was a different story, as we had two maps to work from – though finding them was a bit of a challenge.

Khazan map one: Back in the early 1990’s Liz Danforth did a quick map of Khazan for Ken so he could run a play-by-mail rpg campaign in his T&T fanzine. That zine had a very low circulation and was sent to friends and fans of Ken’s who had contacted him directly. Eventually the fanzine was discarded as Ken and the fans switched over to the website that Ken set up. The information in these zines was never transferred to the website and was soon forgotten. As the years passed, Ken eventually gave away all the remaining copies he had, so the map of Khazan and the list of 60 locations in the city were lost.

Khazan map two: A few years later, an online fan of T&T from Italy, Andrea Canobbio consulted with Ken and drew up a color map for Khazan. As you can see, it’s a 3/4 view of the northern part of the city, done in color. Like the first map, this one too had disappeared into the void and there was no copies of it to be found online or in Ken’s archives. Since it was never printed anywhere, it seemed unlikely it would be found.

Since we didn’t have those maps, it looked as though Khazan would have to be created from scratch. As a last resort, I begged Ken to post to the Trollhalla fans to see if any of them had copies of this material. He was skeptical but agreed it was worth a try. At first it looked like he was correct; most of them didn’t even know there had been a T&T Zine (let alone owned any copies of it.)

But just as our hopes started to fade, fans searched their collections and turned up some lost treasures. Stefan Jones found the T&T Zines and sent us scans of the relevant pages, and another fan happened to have a scan of the color map and sent that in. Special thanks to Stefan Jones for his efforts and help! (And thanks to all of you that searched your T&T collections and the internet to help us find the Italian map and the clue book for the T&T Computer game as well.)

Below are the two older maps side by side:

khazan_Blog maps_old

Once we had these, Ken and I got together and worked out what from those maps we should use and what else we needed to add to the final version of the Khazan map. Ken also had a couple of changes he wanted made, the main one being the location of the river. Then I got to work drawing, inking and coloring. I have combined the two maps and added a City wall. We also added some other details that were spoken of in other sources but not on either map. I used Liz’s map as the main starting point; almost everything in her map is in the one I drew. Liz’s map contained only roads, so I added buildings in the same manner that the map of Khost had, so the maps will be compatible for GM use. I used the Italian color map as a guide in drawing the northern part  (left side) of Khazan, where you see the palace and the Wizards Guild.  Below is the new combined map.  Its not completely finished, but its well on its way.  At the very least I still need to add a map key scale and compass  (On this map North is on the left side.)


Believe it or not, we don’t know if this finished map will actually appear in the rulebook, as the original plan was to have a map of just the undercity of Khazan. This would include a map of the caverns of Naked Doom, the Dwarven section of town, and various other catacombs and caverns beneath the streets of Khazan. I just couldn’t create an accurate map of the undercity without having a map of the topside to look at first, so I had to make one! If we have space, this map of Khazan will go in the rulebook, otherwise, it will have to wait until we do the Trollworld book. Of course we can also be influenced by your comments…

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  1. WordPress hates me again, so I’ll comment at the ‘walla.

  2. anen kram

    I’d prefer you save the map for the Trollworld book so I have something else to buy 😉 and look forward to.

  3. SSCrompton

    If we put this map in the Rules book, we will include a list of places on the map. Even if we put the map in the rules book, it will appear in the Trollworld book as well, just in much more detail.

    Right now there are about 30 items on that list. In the Trollworld book, the will be much longer and we will include descriptions of all the places so you can use them as a basis for GM adventures.

  4. John B

    The map is a nice carrot I s’pose but I anxiously await the stick that brought me here.

  5. SSCrompton

    We’re working hard to get it done. This map is meant to be a sign of that progress, though various other things are being edited, drawn and written at the same time. Hang on – we’ll get there!

  6. Excellent work! Putting this map in the rulebook with basic information and giving the full details in a book of Trollworld sounds like a great idea. I always felt frustrated to have all the Catalyst series books, but with no hints about how the classical cities of Trollworld look like and are populated. Now, it looks like we are going to be able to play T&T in Khazan, Khosht, Knor or Gull. Don’t forget to add NPCs and scenario ideas in your future Trollworld book! 🙂

  7. >John B — No one wishes the rulebook were finished more than I do! You have to realize I was effectively hors de combat for three full months while sick (as I wrote about in my blog). I’m the bottleneck holding things up … everything landed in my lap just about the time I started falling ill. I have editing, writing, and art to do and am only just *starting* to get back up to speed. Steve has continued to work like a trooper, and has been making sure you folks know we haven’t forgotten about you. I am working as much as I’ve been able, and we’re still aiming to get this out (hopefully by Halloween). Everyone has been very understanding, and I personally appreciate it very much.

  8. You know, I haven’t seen a single impatient comment from T&T fans and Kickstarter supporters.

    So, I don’t think I’m alone in saying: Take your time healing up, Liz! No one wants you to burn out making a deadline. Make us an edition for the ages!

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