Coins of Troll world

The Four Coins of Trollworld from Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls

As you can see from the huge picture above, we have finished the Trollworld coins and they are now about to be actually minted.  The images here are the proofs from the coin company and they are a pretty close representation of what the final coins will look like.

We have four metals represented in the set: Copper, Silver, Gold and Myth-Ril.  The coins are slightly different sizes based on the value of the metal.  myth-ril is the smallest & copper is the Largest. The coins aren’t actually made from those metals, (well the copper one is made of copper!  All the images on the coins have specific meanings and relate directly to the location the coin is from.  The Gull coin has a blue enameled beetle on the back, which makes it particularly unique.

If you want to purchase a set of these but didn’t get them during the dT&T Kickstarter, don’t worry, we are minting a few extras, so you’ll be able to order your own set of these.  We don’t have them in hand at the moment and we are not completely certain on the price, but if you want to add your name to the waiting list for these coins, email Rick Loomis at Flying Buffalo.  Here’s his e-mail:

Meanwhile give a comment and let us know what you think of the coins!

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    Those are really pretty.

    I ordered extra rulebooks & binders instead of the coins, but now I’m thinking I should reserve a set.

  2. Susan "Vella" Davis

    They look nice, but isn’t 2013 after the magical catastrophe? Isn’t the “present day” supposed to be around 1700 AK or so?

  3. SSCrompton

    Thanks Stefan! I can’t tell you all the stories behind the coins imagery, but for the Khazan coin I was talking to Ken about the history of the Death Goddess and he told me about the Trolls pledging their loyalty to her was major turning point in Khazan history, so the image there is of a stone troll paying tribute to the Death Goddess. The other side is of course a portrait of her as the ruler of the empire. Its actually the only portrait in the coin set. (Well unless you count the Beetle god.)

  4. A reblogué ceci sur Tunnels & Trolls and commented:
    Ah, la monnaie de la Terre des Trolls… pièces de mithril frappées à l’effigie de Lerotra’hh, impératrice de Khazan, l’île de Phoron et sa capitale, La Mouette, avec le Scarabée Bleu, un dieu local, et Knor, la cité portuaire, ou encore Khosht et son pont, avec Grimtooth lui-même. Si tout va bien, un livre complet paraîtra en 2014.

  5. Susan "Vella" Davis

    If Gull were the GP and Khost the SP and not the other way around, you’d have a nice little pun: “gull” means “gold” in Icelandic, Norse, and related languages.

  6. SSCrompton

    That’s very interesting Vella! Had we known that, we probably would have done it that way. At this point the coins are at the mint and they are already working on them, so it would be hard to change at this point.

    Meanwhile here’s a rough translation of what the French -speaking poster “Grimtootn” had to say:
    “Ah, the currency of the Land of Trolls … Mithril Coins the effigy of Lerotra’hh, Empress of Khazan, Phoron island and its capital, The Seagull with Blue Beetle, a local god, and Knor the port city, Khosht and bridge with Grimtooth itself. If all goes well, perhaps a comprehensive book on Trollworld will be published in 2014.”

  7. Love the Knor equivalent of a tuppence: U.K. trolls been berry berry good to me in sales decades ago and keeping the game alive since.

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