The Amazing Trollhead Dice Bag!

The photo above is the prototype for Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls Dicebag!  Its going to be an amazing embroidered affair on a velvet bag, truly a unique and beautiful sight to behold (and a great way to carry your dice.)

You have Liz Danforth to thank for coming up with the concept for this item.  Liz looked high and low to find someone that was willing and able to tackle the task of embroidering over 100 of these bags for all you Kickstarter dT&T fans that ordered one.  Liz eventually found T&T Fan Eleanor Woolley “Gothybeans” who also happened to have amazing skills with needle & thread.  (if you want to see more of her work, visit her site at:

UPDATE! Eleanor has told us the following: ” It’s a prototype I sewed for Rick to showcase at Essen. The actual bags will be 5″x7″ rather than square (more room = more dice!) and have a chord (and possibly a glass bead), but not a ribbon.  There’ll also be a few small improvements on the pattern.”   So high praise to Liz Danforth and Eleanor Woolley for the Amazing Trollhead Dicebag!

And while we’re on the subject of high praise, it’s about time we heap some praise on the designer of that gorgeous Trollhead logo that we are using on the dicebags, coins, tattoos and on virtually every other T&T product we’ve come out with.  Surprisingly, the logo was NOT designed by Liz, Steve or Rob – It was in fact designed by Dan Carver (or Ugly John Carver as some of you know him.)   He’s also the creator of Uncle Ugly’s Underground Doom and Rob Carver’s brother.  Dan was one of the early playtesters of T&T and he worked for Flying Buffalo from the late 1970’s to the mid 1980’s.  He went on to work as a game designer for one of the largest computer companies in the world (among other things).

Let us know what you think of the new bags and the Trollhead logo – post right here.  Who knows? Maybe we can cajole Ugly John to reveal the Trollhead’s secrets; when he made it, how it came to be and what does it REALLY mean?

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5 thoughts on “The Amazing Trollhead Dice Bag!

  1. The bags look great! I can’t wait to get my stuff lol. Yes we nee story time with Ugly John!

  2. Yikes! I was a fool to not order the bags. Unless I did, and don’t remember.

  3. SSCrompton

    I think you could still order them if you wanted one – email
    I think they are $20 each.

  4. Vanwall

    Most cool! Thanks for the shout-out to Ug, although his last name is Carver, but his craving is for blood, I’ll grant you that.

  5. SSCrompton

    OOps! I did mispell John Carver’s last name in one place – but now its fixed!

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