Coolest. Coins. EVER!

Actual photo of the T&T coins!

Actual photo of the T&T coins!

Steve here – I just got back from Flying Buffalo and picked up my personal set of the dT&T coins,  They look AMAZING!  This photo does not do them justice, but it will have to do until you get your own set.  These are truly beautiful objects d’ art. They came out far better than I dreamed they would.  The details on these coins are totally gorgeous and the embossing and engraving on them is a wonder.  Both Liz’s and my art look monumental on these coins and Dan Carver’s Trollhead design looks like it was meant to be stamped on a coin!

The coins just became my personal favorite item out of all the Kickstarter thingies and books we have made so far.  (It used to be the full color map)   The coins are big – BIG I tell you!  Bigger than I thought they would be.  Trust me on this – they are hellacool! (And worth every penny)   Below is a photo of me holding the smallest and the largest coin, so you can see the size difference between them.

Rick made a few extras of these, so if you are a fan of T&T, Liz me or Flying Buffalo and you didn’t order a set – order one now – they are worth it!   I think Rick is asking $99 for the set.

By the way, Liz, Ken Bear and myself (Steve) will be at TusCon Fanstasy Convention (in Tucson, AZ ) this weekend.  If you want to pick up some of your Kickstarter rewards or just want to meet us, come on by.  We’ll also be selling some of the other new T&T items we’ve made over the summer including the coins….

Oh and here’s that other photo…  Let us know what you think…

The 2 piece copper is  2.25 inches wide.  The Mythril coin is 1.5 inches.

The 2 piece copper is 2.25 inches wide. The Mythril coin is 1.5 inches.

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3 thoughts on “Coolest. Coins. EVER!

  1. For those within hailing distance of Tucson Arizona, the convention’s website is

  2. SSCrompton

    Be there and play a little Deluxe T&T with the team that created the game. Well we won’t all be in one game at once – Ken and Bear might. Liz has panels (and art) and I have a table of dT&T goodness to sell (along with some City of the Gods stuff and maybe bit of my art)

  3. Glen Hallstrom

    Damn! Soulda doubled-down on my pledge!


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