By Steve Crompton with Ken St Andre

What lies beneath the city of Khazan.  A map of the caverns, tunnels and catacombs under the great city.

What lies beneath the city of Khazan. A map of the caverns, tunnels and catacombs under the great city.

When the fellowship first decided to highlight four cities in the Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls Rules, Khazan was of course the first place on the list.  After all, it is the best-known city in Trollworld and it has appeared in many T&T publications over the years.

Ken being Ken, he was far more interested in what was UNDER Khazan, rather than on top of it, and he proposed that we should make a map of the tunnels, catacombs and underground homes of various kindreds that live below the city.  We loved the idea, but as the map maker in this fellowship, I told Ken I couldn’t make a map of what was under Khazan without knowing what was on the surface first.  That led to the Khazan map that we posted here a couple of months ago.  I’m going to post that image here again, so you can compare the two maps.

The surface of Khazan

The surface of Khazan

So what is beneath the city of Khazan?   It’s a little hard to read the map at this resolution, so we’ll give you a brief tour. In the Northeast corner, (note that north on this map is on the left side of the map) is the Royal Khazan Gauntlet of Criminal Retribution and Rehabilitation – better known as the Naked Doom Dungeon.   (Below is a close up of that area.)

A close-up of the Naked Doom Dungeon

A close-up of the Naked Doom Dungeon

Directly west is the underground portions of the Death Goddess’ palace, from there you can also enter the hidden habitats of the elves.  South (to the right on the map) of the palace are the catacombs, many nobles, priests and heroes of Khazan are interred in this meandering necropolis.  In some places the bones are stacked to the ceilings.  East of the Catacombs are the Goblin Dens and the Troll Holes.  To the south is the large Dwarven stronghold, a virtual city below Khazan.  Further south lies the Arena of Khazan sub-levels and more Goblin and Urak living quarters.  East of the Arena is a tunnel that leads to the Thieves Guild (conveniently located under the great marketplace.) Going West of the Arena, you’ll pass the cemetery and find the smugglers tunnels.  Most of these are entered via many of the taverns near the shore.  You’ll get much more detail on all these places when the Deluxe T&T rules are released, but for now you at least have a taste of what’s to come.

As you can see, many of these places connect through hidden tunnels and secret passageways known only to a select few and those brave enough to go prying into places they probably shouldn’t. But that’s what makes adventuring fun, right?

Let us know what you think of what’s beneath the City of Khazan…

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  1. How freaking cool is that! Thanks for posting this, it proves that the Fellowship has been doing anything but slacking off.

    I like the ghosted image of the over-city.

    How will this be presented in the book? It seems far too detailed for a 8.5 x 11 to do it justice.

  2. SSCrompton

    Thanks for the great comments. We really are pushing hard to get the rules done and this map is really just a visual way to show some progress. Liz is deep in the editing, but that not really something you can show off online. I mean what do you post? “Here’s a chapter of rules I re-organized and edited via Chicago style and here’s the original chapter to compare it too.” You can’t really do that – especially in the middle of the editing process, so things like new art and maps will have to do for now.

    This map (like the other city maps we have shown off) is meant to fit on a 2 page spread – so its basically 11 x 17. It will be pretty readable at that size. I thought it would be far more useful to a GM if they could see where in the city all these tunnels are located., so having the faint outline of the city above should aid that greatly. I did this map in color, but I suspect it will end up in the book in black and white. We will have a 16 page color section in the rules and certainly the main city maps will be in color.

  3. Peter Seckler

    This is incredible- I love how there’s a whole world just beneath the surface.

  4. The Gazebo Gang

    Looks really good. With each update, I get more excited about getting Deluxe in my grubby little fingers. And great news about Dungeon of the Bear. It’s one of my favorite T&T modules.

  5. I got inspired and drew the player-aid maps for my upcoming solitaire dungeon. These are deliberately crude: Sketches by city residents based on second-hand reports.

  6. anem kram

    Wow! I can’t wait for you guys to fill in more details. I need some stories to go along with those nice maps!

  7. SSCrompton

    Stay tuned… We continue to move forward!

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