January – Are We Talented, or what?

This month, I thought I just put in a progress report on what the Fellowship has been working on since December, so you know what forward momentum is being made on Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls.


DELUXE TALENTS: Liz and Bear took Ken’s Talent system, then honed and expanded it to give it more structure.  For those of you who don’t know, Talents in T&T allow players with specialized skills to be able to use them to make difficult tasks a little easier.  Here’s an example:  After you have rolled up all the attributes for your character, decide, perhaps with the help of the GM, what your character’s Talent will be. Let’s say I’ve just made a new character, Zamthor is a Rogue, and I want him to be a thievish sort. Thus I choose Thievery as his main Talent. Whenever Zamthor is in a situation where he must steal something, or know something about how to steal things, he will use this Thievery Talent to determine success or failure.  The quality of the talent supplies a modifier to a given attribute, and the attribute+ modifier is tested with saving rolls under applicable circumstances.

To make this work in a game, you need some kind of system to allow the GM and the player be able to keep track of the Talents and generate numbers for using these talents that are fair and logical.  A few days ago, a playtest version of the Talents section was sent to the Kickstarter pledgers and a select number of T&T fans at Trollhalla.  We are now awaiting feedback from the players to see what they think of the Talents system and to see if they have any suggestions to improve it.

SHIPPING ACE OF ACES: Meanwhile Rick Loomis has been shipping the rewards for his Kickstarter project for Ace of Aces.  If he hasn’t shipped all the Ace of Aces items yet – he soon will be finished. This will clear the way for him to be able to ship the Deluxe T&T rewards when the time comes to start doing that.

FAMOUS GAME DESIGNER CARDS: Rick and Steve (me) also got a new Kickstarter going for the Game Designer Playing Card Deck.  (Which we have done several times in the past)  For more info about that project or to even get a card in the deck for your gaming business or product, go here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/994700393/famous-game-designer-playing-cards-2014?ref=users

This is the almost done cover to the Adventurers Compendium.  The gorgeous painting is by Stephan Peregrine who painted this for Circle of Ice back in 1980.

This is the almost done cover to the Adventurers Compendium. The gorgeous painting is by Stephan Peregrine who painted this for Circle of Ice back in 1980.

T&T ADVENTURERS COMPENDIUM: Ken and I have also been very busy with the T&T Adventurers Compendium.  This is one of the dT&T Kickstarter items that were promised.  The book is a collection of almost all the GM & solo adventures that appeared in Sorcerer’s Apprentice (SA).  Most of them were written by Mike Stackpole and Ken St. Andre, but there is also a solo and a GM adventure by Liz Danforth (along with plenty of her art)  The book will also include the solo Circle of Ice, which has been out of print for over 20 years.  Getting this project done meant that I had to scan in all the solos from the seventeen issues of SA, then convert the scans into text files, so that Ken could reorganize it all into one manuscript.  Once that’s all done, I’ll lay it out and include art (both new and old.)  This book is not done yet, so don’t try to order it.  We’ll let you know when it’s ready, probably sometime in the spring.

dT&T ADVENTURERS FOR THE RULEBOOK: We also got the solo adventure put together for the dT&T Rulebook and  Bear and Ken are working on GM adventure that will go in the rules as well.  (More about those in a future blog post!)

So there you have it, that’s been our month.  We’d love to hear what you think or answer any queries you might have about Talents in Deluxe T&T or the new Adventurers Compendium…

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5 thoughts on “January – Are We Talented, or what?

  1. I’m glad things are rolling along.

    It is frustrating that the rules are slow in coming, but the continued appearance of items like the solo compendium give the T&T franchise “weight,” a perception that there is a good team behind the game, with neat stuff available and more to come.

    I’ve sent some input (hopefully useful) about Talents directly to Liz.

  2. SSCrompton

    Thank you Stefan – you are always there to add a warm cup of coffee (your picture) with your positive and insightful comments! We keep pushing forward! Just today Liz sent me a brand new gorgeous piece of art for the rulebook. And tomorrow I’m meeting with Ken and Bear to go over the details and sketch some maps for the GM adventure that goes in the deluxe rulebook!
    THe great work continues…

  3. Steve, thanks for the update. I’m excited that this collection of older solos will be part of the set. I’m looking forward to the rules beong ready. I’ll be playing with the new Talent rules this weekend to shake them out.

    Got the new Ace of Aces books, they’re beautiful. Worth the wait, but I’m glad that art will be done first on the other series. Looking forward to those, too.

    Thanks for the updates.

  4. Uncle Cranky here… My major beef, if I had one, would be that.. I have no major beefs! I like to tinker with systems…

  5. SSCrompton

    Well I’m glad you like it Duncan!
    If you want to see a little more aobut the progress we made in the last 24 hours, take a look here: http://trollhalla.com/outer-sanctum/

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