Our Journey so Far… and some great news!

Products in Jan2014
Let’s start with the big news first!  Almost all of the dT&T Kickstarter items have been made and we are going to start shipping them to you in the next month or two!

All the KS items we are making (or have made) can be separated into two groups; Books & everything else.  So what the Fellowship has decided is that we’re going to go ahead and start shipping you all the NON book items to everyone that ordered them as soon as we can.  Non-book items include t-shirts, coins, dice, posters the wooden boxes etc.  When we get the rules done and back from the printers, we will then ship the book items via US media rate   Those would include the solos, the dT&T rulebook and the flash drive with all the pdfs.

Here's all the book (and dice we made over the summer of 2013

Here’s all the book (and dice we made over the summer of 2013

Yep – we are still working on the rules themselves   Why aren’t they done?  Liz was ill about 6 months. That put all the editing and game development she planned to do back by 6 months. Unfortunately, in the real world, there are no magic healing spells that fix hands or pneumonia.  Its just something that couldn’t be helped.  She’s fine now and we are moving at full speed to get the rules done as soon as we can and still keep the”magic”.

In a way, we are trying to catch lightening on a bottle, by combining the free form style of Ken’s authorship, with the detailed and precise editing of Liz’s game development.  This very combination is what made the fifth edition such a success for so many fans of the original Tunnels & Trolls. But its no easy task. Every time Liz changes one aspect of how a die roll works or a number modifier changes, she has to go through the entire document to make sure that is fixed every place it appears. There are hundreds of changes like that going on. At the same time she is reorganizing the rules and editing it. It’s a much bigger job than any of us anticipated.  For the record, the rules ARE written as Ken finished that task some time ago.  We are now in the editing and final play-testing stages.  At this point we also have virtually all the art for the rules as well, so we are in good shape to get this finished up – so fear not.

During the period Liz was partially incapacitated, the rest of us concentrated our efforts to get all the OTHER Kickstarter items done. And now, at this point, everything is done except for the Adventurers Compendium the thumb drive and the Rules themselves.  We even  have a huge chunk of the Trollworld section of the rules done (with art, maps and everything.)   Rick was also sending all the finished items off to be printed or manufactured.

We were lucky enough that Liz was able to rally herself enough to get some art for us like the coins and a few other things. She was also able in short bursts to give input and editing on some of the things we were working on. (Especially the Free Preview booklet and the GM Screen)   She also created some new art for the book and worked on the cover.  So she worked dang hard despite her injuries and ailments.

So just how many dT&T KS Items were there and how many are done?  See the list below…

Wooden T&T Box
Facsimile copy of T&T 1st edition rules
Buffalo Castle solo
Deathtrap Equalizer solo
Saving Fang solo
City of Terrors solo
City of Terrors Poster 11 x 17
Dungeon of the Bear GM Adventure
T&T Free Game Day Rules Booklet
Early Bird magnet
4 T&T Magnets
4 Coins of TrollWorld
Demonhead Dice
T&T Pencils
New Death Dice
4 tattoos
Full-color Map of Trollworld –
Nyahh Dice

FINISHED And Ready to be Manufactured
Poker chip
Fellowship Poster 11 x 17
GM Screen
Learn Magic t-shirt
Vital spots t-shirt with moongate on back
Easel Binder GM Screen
Dice bag

Deluxe T&T Rules
Adventurers Compendium
Thumb drive with all PDFs

So there you have it – what we’ve done and what’s left to do.  We are getting close!  Meanwhile get ready to start seeing many of these items in your mailbox in the near future.  Keep in mind, there are 1600 of you and each person has ordered different items, so we can’t mail everything out all at once, but the process will begin soon!

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