Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls Table of Contents Revealed

Many of you have asked for a peek at what the rules will be like and what will be in them.  So today, the Fellowship is posting the recently finished Table of Contents!  Now you can REALLY see what’s going to be in the book.  Keep in mind, we may still make some changes here and there, so don’t hold us to it.  Still – this is pretty close.  One problem is the tabs. in WordPress, the tabs don’t work and I have been unable to manually add tabs or even extra spaces to make them stay, so you’ll have to look at this without the benefit of Liz’s tabs.   Nonetheless, enjoy this peek at Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls Table of Contents and let us know what you think…

Yes here are a few pages from Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls.  Done, but still subject to final proofing and changes.

Yes here are a few pages from Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls. Done, but still subject to final proofing and changes.

DT&T Table of Contents, Mark1  (current as of 3/1/2014 and still subject to change)

The Basic or Core Game
What you need to play
1. Introduction
2. Playing the game
3. Creating characters
3.1 Prime attributes
3.2 Personal adds
3.3 Character Classes
3.30 Classes as a game mechanic
3.32 Wizards
3.33 Rogues
3.34 Specialists
3.4 The Playable Kindreds
3.41 Humans
3.42 Common non-humans (Peters-McAllister 2.0)
3.43 Less common non-humans
3.5 Height and weight
3.6 Possessions and equipment
4. Character levels and adventure points
5. Saving rolls
6. Talents
7. The Hostile Opposition
7.1 Enemies and monsters
7.2 Monster ratings
7.3 Attributed opponents
8. Combat
8.1 Basic combat
8.10 Spite damage
8.2 Missile combat
8.3 Special combat situations
8.31 Multiple weapons
8.32 Unarmed combat
8.33 Berserk combat
8.34 Kill vs stun damage
9. Magic
9.1 Theory and practice of magic
9.2 Spellcasters’ tools and magical foci
9.3 The Common Spellbook
10. How to put it all together (GM and player)
11. Appendix to the core rules
11.1 Time and other considerations
11.2 Possessions and equipment
11.21+ Weapons and armor charts

    Optional topics that give the game more variety, depth, and/or flexibility
12. More character types
12.1 Citizens
12.2 Paragons
12.3 Non-humans as truly not human
12.31 The effect of societal norms on non-human characters
(or why you shouldn’t play a dwarf rogue or a talktipus mage)
12.32 Kindred-specific weapons and armor
13. Languages
14. Alternative or expanded rules
14.1 Character creation
14.2 Equipping a character
14.3 Talents
14.4 Additional combat rules
14.5 Enhanced magic rules
15. Miniatures
16. Virtual tabletops and other digital aids
17. Essays, charts, and other augmentations
17.1 Treaure generation charts
17.2 Money, property, jobs, and day-to-day life
17.3 The kitchen sink

The World of Trollworld
Everything we can tell you
1. A Nexus of Realities
2. Trollworld’s History and Timeline
3. Major Continents and Regions
3.1 Rrr’lff, the Dragon Continent
3.2 Zorr, the Eagle Continent
3.3 The Mane Land Continent
3.4 The Land of Sona Ie
3.5 The Eastern Isles
4. Prominent Locations of Rrr’lff
4.1 Khazan
4.2 Khosht
4.3 Knor
4.4 Phoron and Gull
5. Other locations of note, large and small
6. An Extended Bestiary of Trollworld
6.1 Beasts: natural and less so
6.2 Monsters: common, rare, and usually dangerous
6.3 Intelligent and sometimes hostile kindred
6.4 Supernatural and spirit creatures

Solitaire adventure: Abyss
GM adventure: Adventures in Zorr: The Quest for Z’tpozz

That’s the Table of Contents!  NEXT TIME:  Exciting news about the shipping of pledge rewards!  YES, it has begun!  Maybe your items are in the mail as we speak.  Stay tuned…

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16 thoughts on “Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls Table of Contents Revealed

  1. Nice to see things jelling!

    Do you have any rules established for “spirit combat?” There are some in Dark Temple if you need them.

  2. SSCrompton

    You should get them typed up and send them to Liz. She might slip them into elaborations somewhere. No guarantees, but its a great idea. For all I know Ken did write some spirit rules. I don;t have the whole manuscript memorized you know!

  3. Shane

    Those parchment style pages look really nice. Looks like it’s going to be one big-assed book too! Very nice indeed.

  4. Reblogged this on Tunnels & Trolls and commented:
    La nouvelle édition “de luxe” des règles de Tunnels & Trolls prend figure outre-Atlantique. Bien que largement inspirée par l’édition française réalisée avec Ken St. Andre, Liz Danforth et Steve Crompton, la nouvelle édition comprend des règles supplémentaires ou facultatives, ainsi qu’une partie consacrée à la Terre des Trolls. Grimtooth ne manquera pas de publier un supplément qui y sera consacré, et y ajoutera les meilleurs morceaux des règles complémentaires 🙂

  5. Are were-types (“Weres” from 5e §2.12) gone from Deluxe? Will there be a sidebar or optional rule for classic T&T advancement (gaining levels by crossing AP thresholds)?

  6. @Shane: Yes, the layout looks great. This is an important part of “Deluxe,” and why the whole package will be worth waiting for.

  7. SSCrompton

    Thanks for the comments about the layout. I’m trying hard to make the layout more “Deluxe” and make it look like some ancient tome of knowledge. As you can see though I’m using a lot of the classic T&T art along with some “lost art” and new stuff by Liz and I. There are also places where I am using classic 19th engravings of places and objects when appropriate. If you look at Sorcerer’s Apprentice and the older solitaire adventures, this was done more than you might think. Some of you have asked how many pages the book will be. We promise it would be over 200, so it will at least be that long.

    Gaptooth – as far I know were-types are still going to be in the rules, but I’m not the designer or the editor, just the art director, so don’t quote me on that.

  8. This probably something that Liz & Co. have already anticipated, but:

    It might be a good thing to build in “shrinkability.”

    That is, to structure the sections so that a concise version of the rules can be pulled out.

    This would be the version that gets put into future editions of a Free RPG Day booklet, and to form the core of semi-independent games like Monsters! Monsters!

  9. That dragon and globe is a great illustration!

  10. Thank’s, SSCrompton!

    stefanorenco wrote:

    It might be a good thing to build in “shrinkability.”

    That is, to structure the sections so that a concise version of the rules can be pulled out.

    +1,000,000,000 to this.

    I’m taking it that classic leveling (as in 5th edition) is not on the docket for inclusion.

    How about “Gunnes” (5e §3.10)?

  11. SKot Kirkwood

    I’m quite pleased with the look and layout so far.

    I recently broke out my old 1979 black box 5e T&T set after about 30 years in mothballs, and have been running a game recently with a circle of friends, all veterans of “the other system”. They have enjoyed our T&T game quite a bit. But I’m eager to try out DT&T and am considering adapting that as my new system…and so far it’s looking quite good.

  12. Classic leveling is out. Gunnes are in, in the weapon charts.

  13. Thanks, Liz!

    Edition “7.5” was the first version of T&T I owned, and I can attest to the merits of its attribute-pumping advancement system. It’s playable, and it’s especially fun for one-shot games so that players can get some immediate gratification throughout the adventure.

    I played 7.5 for over a year before getting a copy of 5th edition from FBI. One of the things that knocked my socks off about the 5th edition rules was the way it showcases the game’s flexibility by giving you options and telling you to choose what works, from monster details to the reward system. In other games, this might come off as lazy design, but T&T’s wild simplicity makes the heterodox approach of 5th edition really work. In a lot of ways, 7e is a lot more standardized, as if the wild and wide-open qualities of the classic game was a flaw in need of correction. I like the classic paradigm so much that 5th edition became my core T&T rulebook ever since, with options borrowed from other versions as it suited a particular campaign or play group.

    I hope we see more of that wild and woolly spirit in the Deluxe edition! If not, I’ll take what I can get. I imagine it’s hard hearing what fans think T&T “should” be, and I recognize that it’s your job to ignore most of it and hew to the vision. Keep it up, and thanks again for the clarification!


  14. Fantastic to see Tunnels and Trolls being given the deluxe treatment! Sadly I can no longer find my UK version of the 5th edition rules reprinted by Chris Harvey Games (with permission!) complete with yellow card covers, but I have many fond memories of the game as well as MSPE.
    I know T&T is a role playing game but are there any plans for wargame rules to go with it, or something to be included in the deluxe rule book?
    Anyway, good luck with the project and to the Fellowship!

  15. Fitzhorn, thank you for the kind words! As you say, T&T is an RPG first and foremost. All the design and development people on the team enjoyed playing wargames — that’s how we got into the hobby, after all, since RPGs didn’t exist when we were coming up!

    But this is not where our expertise lies. We are planning a small section on using miniatures in the rules (as you can see in the ToC list), but beyond that… no, you should not expect a true boardgame/wargame in the Deluxe rules.

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