April Update: The march to completion continues…

Abyss has been updated and will be added to the dT&T rulebook

Abyss has been updated and will be added to the dT&T rulebook

This update, were going to go down the list and give you an overview of what has been done by the Fellowship so far this month.

Trollworld section:  As mentioned previously, over eighty pages of the Trollworld section have been, written, edited, proofed and laid out. The solo adventure that goes in the rulebook is edited and added in. An updated version of Abyss, this solo allows players to take their dead characters into the underworld and try to bring them back to life.  The Fellowship thought this would be a perfect solo to add.  That way everyone who owns the rules has a chance to save their favorite characters.

In related news, Ken St Andre finished his section of the GM adventure that goes in the rulebook and has turned it in for editing and layout.  Connected to Bear Peters’ adventure, these all take place on the Eagle continent, where you encounter strange creatures and kindreds as you explore these new lands.

Bear Peters has finished a complete overhaul of the weapons charts and has almost completed the armor charts as well.  He is now working on finishing off his section of the GM adventure, which is connected to the Mad Dwarf adventure that was in the free RPG booklet that when out in 2013.

The Adventurers Compendium, a collection of mini solos and GM adventures from Sorcerer’s Apprentice (plus the Circle of Ice solo) have been printed and it looks gorgeous. All the material has been revised and updated to be compatible with the new rules. The book will be shipped later this summer. Rick will have these at conventions and it will very shortly be available as a PDF download at drivethrurpg.com. Kickstarter pledgers will soon get a free pdf copy of this book.

Rick Loomis and his shipping team continue to ship out items to the Kickstarter pledgers. The latest being shipped include the Trollworld map, City of Terrors print and the Fellowship poster.

Meanwhile Liz Danforth has turned in sections of the core rules for layout and final proofing as the mad march towards finishing the book continues. Liz will also be announcing an exciting opportunity for collectors of T&T art.  Stay tuned for the next update coming soon!

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4 thoughts on “April Update: The march to completion continues…

  1. stefanorenco

    It sounds like things are coming together! I hope the rules are available for the big summer conventions.

    I proofread the Adventure Compendium and can affirm that it includes a VERY diverse set of adventures, of both the solitaire and GM-run variety.

  2. Looking forward to seeing the books…especially the compendium, some of those I may never seen before having missed certain specific issues of SA. I sent Rick an email a few weeks back with my new address (moved twice since the KS ended) so hopefully that one’s in place =)

  3. SSCrompton

    I think your all going to enjoy the compendium, As I was working on it, I was quite surprised how many of the adventures take place in Khazan, Gull and make reference to many other locations along the western coast of Rrr’lrff (Ralph).

    You can really see there is a vibrant world with lots of politics and cultures, even though a world source book was never done for Trollworld back then.

    I think you’ll also enjoy the full color cover gallery the three gm adventures and a few other tidbits from the pages of Sorcerer’s Apprentice that also appear in the book.

  4. Just thought I’d remind you folks here (I feel bad pestering Rick about it) that as the swag and things roll out, don’t forget us good folks who contributed via PayPal. Don’t want us to fall into a troll-hole and get buried (sorry, a bit of a morbid thought there).

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