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At Origins in Ohio we officially released the Beta Playtest version of the Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls rules. The 105 page dT&T Beta Core rules release includes; character creation, character types, playable kindreds, equipping your character, weapons, armor, saving rolls, basic talents, combat and the intro to Trollworld.  We have also included the Free RPG day dT&T mini-rules.  However it is not a complete set of the rules.  Magic is not in here for example.  Nor are the elaborations (extra cool and weird things you can do with T&T.)   Also we are not including the Trollworld section or the gm and solo adventure (although all those are done) Mostly because those sections do not need to be “playtested” in the same way the actual rules do.

If you are a Kickstarter pledger, you should have already received a FREE downloadable pdf copy of the Beta rules.  We also printed a limited number of the betas, which are being sold at Origins and Gencon.

As some of you know, we had our share of doubters who thought we might have abandoned working on dT&T and all gone on a cruise down the Danube River using the Kickstarter funds.  Fortunately for us – the vast majority of you knew better.  We have in fact been working our asses off getting as much done as we can.

So what else have we done since the Kickstarter ended?

We did updated versions of Deathtrap Equalizer, City of Terrors, Dungeon of the Bear and Buffalo Castle.  Then there’s the world map, the coins, the GM screen, Adventurer’s Compendium, Saving Fang solo, the Free RPG Booklet and the reprint of the 1st edition T&T Rules.  Plus t-shirts, a postcard, bookmark, pencils, dice, and blog updates… And then on top of all that, we’ve been working on the rules, which we couldn’t really show you until now.

We hope you’ve liked all the stuff that has come out and we are sorry we aren’t done yet.  There is still a fair chunk to go on the rules.  They’ll be corrections and tweaks as we get feedback from the playtesters and T&T fans.  We still have the Elaborations yet to put together.  But at least you know we are getting close, and you have now seen what we have been up to.

We want to give a very sincere Thank you, thank you, for being there for us and for your patience.  We have really been pushing hard to get deluxe Tunnels & Trolls finished and make it the best version of the rules we can possibly make.  So stay tuned… for the best is yet to come!

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  1. SSCrompton

    Question: What do you think about the page numbering?
    In the 5th edition we didn’t have page numbers. Instead we used the decimal system, which in fact is currently in the Beta. (Creating characters is 3.0 for example) At the moment, the Beta also is using page numbers. Any of you that have the 5th edition of the rules can see we didn’t use page numbers, but instead used the decimal number that the text is referring to in the corner of the page.

    So in the new rules on each page – Do you want us to use the decimal number, the page number or perhaps both? Let me know if you used the decimal system in 5th edition T&T in the past and any thoughts on how we should do it this time. Thanks!

    • John Lach

      I like the decimal system but since I’m using the electronic copy, I’ll need page numbers to jump around easier.

    • anem kram

      Page numbers please

  2. SSCrompton

    I also got a lot of comments about the page numbering and decimals at Trollhalla where I asked the same question. Based on the feedback we’ve gotten, I’m going to do BOTH. I’ll put the decimal numbers at the top and the page numbers at the bottom. I’ll also keep both numbers near the edge of the page, to make it easier to search through the printed book.

  3. SSCrompton

    Full day for me – I finished off all the corrections that you proofers have sent me! Took me 4 days but I did it! I’m bound to get more, but right now I am caught up. I also added the section number to the top of every page where there is a new section. So at least one of your wishes has been granted…

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