dT&T Magic Beta is Released!

T&T Magic Blog

By Steve Crompton

If you are a Kickstarter pledger to the Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls RPG, you may know this already, but for those of you that don’t know, the Magic Beta system has been released as a download to the Kickstarter pledgers that purchased a copy of the rules.  Right now, most of them are downloading and reading through the new magic rules and spell book, a total of 72 pages of pure rpg delight.

We hope to get their feedback, corrections and suggestions, all in an effort to make Deluxe Tunnels and Trolls that much batter – that much more playable and maybe even a bit more fun.

We’re still pushing hard to get the rest of the book done.  At this point the core rules are finished (though they’ll need final tweaks, corrections and polish).  The Trollworld section is also done and it includes the first comprehensive overview of Trollworld, a solo adventure for dead characters and a gm adventure set in one of the newly explored continents.  What’s left is the editing of the elaborations, the cover, some other art and the layout and final polish. So we are getting there.  We are sorry about the delay, but the scope of the project got bigger than any of us imagined,  The results though wiil be the greatest edition of T&T ever.

Meanwhile, feel free to post your comments here about magic, the game or any questions you have regarding the new rules.  If you have the Magic Beta, enjoy.  If you don’t, you can still pre-order the rules from rick@flyingbuffalo.com and get an advanced copy of the beta rules via pdf.

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8 thoughts on “dT&T Magic Beta is Released!

  1. I am sorry Hold That Pose has completely disappeared. I started off thinking it was far too powerful but the 30 second effect made for good game play. It shouldn’t be that a L1 wizard can HTP a monster with a huge MR but…
    I play – and always have done because I misunderstood it 30 years ago – Oh Go Away as a spell that has an effect of one turn not one round. That makes it a nice alternative to TTYFing your way to immortality.
    Congratulations on an excellent piece of work.

  2. Hold That Pose fell to the analysis of the various “mind control”-flavor spells of which there are quite few. A low level spell that makes a foe completely helpless with no saving roll or any other mitigation kept getting questioned by all of us (three, four, or five of us depending on how you count heads) working on the spell list. In the end, we decided to send it on its way.

    And yeah, quite a few of the spells (even legacy spells like Oh Go Away) got tweaked. Bear and I hadn’t even realized that we’d always played it two different ways, so we tried hard to write things out more clearly for everyone’s sake.

    • I’m still struggling with the loss of Hold That Pose. There are some great spell pairings, twins really: Slush Yuck/Hard Stuff, Blasting Power/ Freeze Pleeze, Little Feets/Glue You and I think Hold That Pose/Oh Go Away fit that bill (it should have a check like OGA does). It seems just as legitimate to be able to hold something in place as it does to send it away (and that 30 second effect for OGA just does not make it an attractive option (very often) to the guaranteed damage of TTYF – nice to have the spells appreciated by the players).

      Related – Glue You is just about never used in my games… because Little Feets is so much more powerful; increasing speed by 50% rather than 100% would make Glue You come into play much more.

      And one more! Is the exponential damage increase for TTYF power ups really appropriate? L6 wizard with INT of 60 does a L6 TTYF – per the rules, the damage is 60×32 = 1920; if it was just straight line (ie 60 x5, it would be only 360. OK, so I make a monster with MR 2500 to (semi)cope. 4 L6 warriors go into battle. Let’s assume they all have 62 for STR and 32 for each of LK, DEX and SPD – they get adds of 110 each. We’ll say that with Whammied war hammers with warrior bonuses they each get 33d6 +3 for their weapons and so get an average of 119 plus combat adds so that’s 229 in total. The four of them manage 916. Hmmmm – my choice seems to be a wizard twice as potent as four warriors or one more than 50% better than one of them. I think I know which one I prefer in my game…

  3. Love the layout and the wealth of information but you still aren’t highlighting game terms within the text.
    As with the first Beta, I’m not keen that earlier editions keep getting referenced but I think that’s just me.

    The Spell Ability requirements haven’t kept pace with the increased speed with which Abilities improve.
    Drop the DEX requirement and peg the INT requirement to Level. 10, 20, 30, etc.

    Yes, this encourages Wizards to concentrate on INT and WIZ instead of DEX but that’s as it should be, a wizard shouldn’t be improving his/her Combat Adds. Drop DEX as an unnecessary Prime Attribute.

    Very pleased that Teacher is no longer Level 1, any chance of pushing it higher? Level 5 perhaps? Relatively inexperienced Wizards shouldn’t be able to teach anybody anything. And it’s irritating at the beginning of a GM session watching players gift Rogues with a full level of spells.

    Just pitching in my 2c.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Jeff

    I Guess? no Pre Orders for Now?

    From Me;

    Subject: Re: process of pre-ordering dT&T and getting access to the betas
    How much is the pre-order and how to pay?. Thanks Jeff

    From rick@flyingbuffalo.com to me

    9:26 PM
    I am out of town at a convention this weekend, so reply may be short.
    The dT&T Beta is only offered to our kickstarter backers. The full dT&T we
    haven’t set a price for yet, so we are not letting anyone preorder it. I’ll
    try to make sure we send you an email when we have set a price.

  5. SSCrompton

    Yesterday (Nov 8th) Liz was up in Phoenix,so the Fellowship (minus Rick) met at my home for various discussions on rules and strategics for moving on to the final stages of completing the book.

    I have collected all the comments and corrections that have been sent to me and I have also searched through Trollhalla for additional comments that are worth consideration by the fellowship. I’m working on the corrections and am sending all the comments up the chain for consideration. (Note: if you are still proofing the Magic section – there is still time to get your comments in, but it would be best to get them to me by the 16th of Nov.)

    So that’s the latest from the Fellowship. Know that the great work continues…

  6. I was told that Magic Beta was getting released at Trollhalla, and that a link would be coming from Rick about it, but it NEVER showed up in my inbox. I tried e-mailing Rick about it, and no response. Now it’s too late for me to get the beta magic rules, and I’m angry. REALLY angry.

  7. OFF TOPIC: There’s a new Post by Liz Danforth about HOW she created the Magic the Gathering cards she did back in the 1990’s She is also selling one of the most iconic Magic cards from the early decks. Visit her blog to see which one and how she created it Maybe you’ll even what to bid on it…

    Also Uncle Cranky – I believe Beta your problem was solved – yes? If not, let me know…

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