Merry (Rrr’lff) Ralph-ness!

By Steve Crompton

Most of you have probably seen the Kindred map of Rrr’lff (pronounced Ralph)  that was posted in the recent Kickstarter update.  However being the main artist for the final version of this map, I don’t think it really shows off exactly how detailed that map is, or really shows how a GM might be able to use it to determine where the adventurers have wandered into areas and who (or what) they might meet there.  So as a Christmas present, I’m going to show you all a close-up of the western side of Rrr’lff, the most chronicled area of Trollworld.  I’m also going to show off the Solo & GM adventure locator map…

Here’s the Kindred map:

Now you can really see how the kindreds merge and fade out, based on population density.

Now you can really see how the kindreds merge and fade out, based on population density.

And below is the Classic solo & GM adventure locator map.  We decided to include all the items that were actually published as separate adventures by Flying Buffalo, so you won’t see any adventures by other publishers such as Trollhalla, Judges Guild, Fiery and others too numerous to mention (or put on this map.)  However if you remember the classic T&T adventures, now you can find out where they are in relation to each other.  The red line represents major roads and trails used to travel from City to city.Enjoy the maps – these will appear in full color and high resolution in the color section of the Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls Rules.

0-solo Map Ralph

In related news, Liz Danforth sent me another big chunk of the Elaborations section, which I’ll be laying out starting tomorrow!  We continue to push towards completion and every page Liz sends me, gets us that much closer.  In terms of editing, only the remaining pieces of the Elaborations remain, then making an index, proofing and continuity checks.  Then the cover and any remaining miscellaneous art to finish – then to PRESS!

Merry Christmas!  Feel free to let us know what you think…

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3 thoughts on “Merry (Rrr’lff) Ralph-ness!

  1. Hum, Steve, Watch out for the typos (not “Dargonfire Range”, but “Dragonfire Range”) 😉

  2. SSCrompton

    OK I’ll get that corrected – thanks!

  3. Rrrnnsterr Lizard King of Khrayyt

    Maps are a huge part of making any story come alive. Thanks so much for both of these, especially the Adventure Location map.

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