Deluxe Tunnels and Trolls: the Journey Home

City of Knor map and character portrait are just two of the many things completed in January.

City of Knor map and character portrait are just two of the many things completed in January.

By Steve Crompton  &  Liz Danforth

It has been a month since our last update, so it is time to let you know where we are now. Last month we compared our journey towards completion with events in Lord of the Rings. A month ago, the Fellowship metaphorically dropped the ring into Mt. Doom: we completed the main editing and writing of all material for Deluxe Tunnels and Trolls – a major milestone in the project.

Since then we have remained very busy working to defeat the remaining monsters in our way and get back to the Shire. In book production terms, we have done quite a lot in the last month.

Elaborations: The Elaborations section of text has been laid out and the art has been added. Some of that will be changed out for new art as that gets completed.

GM adventures: The three connected GM adventures that go in the Trollworld section were completed and laid out with art. Ken, Bear, and Liz all contributed, and Steve created detailed maps and some new art to go with it.

Art: Liz is working on the remaining interior art (including several of the commissioned pieces), and is painting the cover. Within just the last few days, she completed detailed pencils for a character portrait for one of the main players in the city of Knor (see above!) and she turned over a sketch for one of the new player character kindreds that appear in the Elaborations section. (It was based on an older painting that Ken was entranced with, and grew from there.) She and Steve talk frequently on what is needed to get the book wrapped up and off to press. Steve also continues to create or find art as needed.

Proofing: Five different T&T supporters who have solid experience as editors, proofers, and/or game designers are currently combing through sections of the book on the lookout for errors, inconsistencies, and to make final suggestions for last-minute tweaks to the rules and adventures.

What’s left to do: One of the big remaining tasks is creating an index for the book. The good news is that there is an automated function to do this, but it is still a tricky thing to make work. Also, we can’t really create an accurate index until we are certain the book is done, and that pages and words won’t be moved around.

As mentioned above, the cover and additional art still needs to be completed. Liz put that aside to concentrate on getting the final edit of the rules done, so the layout and proofing could proceed — but now the art is her primary focus. Once all the proofing in completed, Liz will do a final review of the rules, then it all goes to press!

We are still pushing to get this to the printers as soon as we can and into your hands this spring.

Our “there and back again” journey is close to getting wrapped up. We already have plans for future dT&T solos and supplements, but those must wait for another update… for now, know that we don’t plan to let everything drop once the rules are done. So many great ideas related to the game came up while we’ve been focused on just these rules… but the road goes ever on.

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One thought on “Deluxe Tunnels and Trolls: the Journey Home

  1. SSCrompton

    Its going to be a really cool book – I promise!

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