Deluxe T&T “Marches” on towards completion

We are now in March and the long “march” to the end of the dT&T Journey continues. So what have we completed since last update I hear you ask? Well here’s the latest news from the front…

A close-up of a section of the  Deluxe cover painting by Liz.

A close-up of a section of the Deluxe cover painting by Liz.

COVER:  Liz has spent most of her time this last month painting the cover art. It’s a big piece with a lot of characters, and she wants it to be her best T&T cover yet. And from what we’ve seen, she is well on her way to accomplishing all of those things. Below is a close-up of just one part of the cover painting, meant to give you a taste of what’s to come.

TEXT: We got all of the proofing corrections from five different proofers, each of whom is a specialist (either on T&T, grammar, game design or several of those.) Not only did we get the corrections, but all of them have been made to the rulebook. This is a very big step. All that’s left in that regard is for Liz and Ken to take one last look to see if there is anything they think still needs a final tweak or better explanation. We have continued to format and clean-up the graphics and page layouts as well, to make the book easier to use and nicer looking..

ART: I have gone through the book and eliminated cases where an illustration was used more than once. In laying out a 300+ page book, its pretty easy to use an illustration more than once. There are still a few places where an illo is used twice, mostly they are of creatures that we only have one illo of like the Dogtaur and the Rhynon (for example) Hopefully as the last few new illos come in they may solve a few more cases where there might be duplicates. Liz still has a few illos for the book yet to finish and she’s working on those whenever she needs a break from painting.

A preliminary Lava Troll rendering by Miika

A preliminary Lava Troll rendering by Miika

We also received some final art from Miika, who has created some 3D images of trolls to use in the color section. So those are now done. (Below is an example of one of her pieces)

MAPS: I have added the final version of Liz’s Knor map into the book, which included adding texturing, shading and other effects to the map – so all the maps are done. I also updated some of the other maps as there were cases where things were mentioned in the text, but were not on the map – those are all now fixed and I added those places to the various maps (Most of these were in Maneland, but there were a few in Zorr and Rrr’lff.

Textured and shaded version of the Knor map. (close-up)

Textured and shaded version of the Knor map. (close-up)

INDEXING: Since last month, Ken St. Andre has gone through the entire rulebook and Trollworld section. He has created two long lists of names for the index and once the rest of the book is completely done, we’ll create two indexes (one for general use and once for geographic locations in trollworld.)

So that’s where we are at the moment. We are very close and are all pushing to get this done as soon as we can! Thank you again for your understanding and patience as we try to get back to the Shire.

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6 thoughts on “Deluxe T&T “Marches” on towards completion

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  2. SSCrompton

    Certainly we are late, but at least you have all gotten the PDF of the beta rules so you can read, play and study dT&T in advance of its inevitable release. And a lot of you have also received your other pledge items, which continue to be shipped out.

    Meanwhile we continue to push hard to finish. We’ve all put in far more time on this project than we ever imagined. I suspect if I added up all the time I put into making maps, art, layouts, meetings and marketing, I’m probably making less than $1 an hour! LOL So we also suffer the longer this takes – but we really do want it to be as great as we can make it. And based on most of the comments we have received most of you also want us to the THE definitive edition of Tunnels & Trolls!

    • Randall Williams

      Here is a question which has not been asked.

      What exactly is NOT in Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls?

      In other words is there a monster section? A armory section? Weapons section?

      I cannot find EXACTLY what Deluxe T&T will contain.

      Waiting since 2013 …


  3. SSCrompton

    Hi Randall – let me try and answer your questions… I would refer you to the update several months back that lists the table of contents to see what going to be in the book, although a few things may have been added or deleted, which makes your question a good one.

    Weapons & Armory – there is extensive info on weapons and armor. Along with detailed charts that tell you the dice and adds to well over 100 hundred weapons and armor, there is also a fairly good-sized and illustrated weapons glossary that describes all the weapons that are listed in the weapons tables.

    MONSTERS – At one point we played around with the idea of a Bestiary, but the rest of book grew far more than we anticipated and because many of the “monsters” are playable characters in the Elaboration section, we decided to keep the monster descriptions to those “monster” kindreds for the most part. There are some charts that give the dice and MR ratings for other Non-Playable creatures like dragons etc.

    RULES: Detailed basic rules with lots of examples take up the front section of the book. This includes everything you’d expect – how to role up a character, pick a type, kindred and get supplies. How to use Talents, Poisons, Supplies, How to do Combat, how to cast spells and we include one of the largest T&T spellbooks ever. There is also advice for the GM on how to run a game, reward adventure points etc.

    ELABORATIONS: This section lists alternate rules, rules expansions and other things that allow you to alter the dT&T game to suit your needs. It also includes the rules for playing “Monsters” as characters. There is also an expanded Talents section and many of bits of advise for things to add to the game.

    TROLLWORLD: There is a larger section of the book about Trollworld, which includes detailed maps of the continents, detailed maps and listings of locations in 3 famous Cities (Khazhan, Khosht & Knor), an article about Gull by Michael Stackpole, a timeline of the history of Trollworld, A three part GM adventure that takes place on the Eagle continent and a solo adventure that allows you to take in dead characters to try and revive them.

    OK I think that mostly covers it. I’m probably missing some things here, but that ought to help you get a grasp of what is in the book. If you want to know if anything else in particular is missing from the rules, just ask and I’ll let you know.

    • Randall Williams

      Thank you for your timely reply. I really appreciate it.

      I read that the rule book is 300+ pages so am I safe to assume the cost of the book
      will be in the $30.00 to $65.00 price range? I know a concrete price has not yet
      been established(?) but I would like a cost estimate so I can adjust my fiscal
      budget accordingly in advance.

      Thank You!

      • SSCrompton

        Glad to help. As for price – Yes it will be in the $30 to $65 range. Part of that is going to depend on which version of the rule book you’ll buy. There will will be a soft-cover, a hard cover and (if there are any left) a leatherette cover version of dT&T available. Its going to depend on the actual cost that the printers give us once they print the book.

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