dT&T Update April 2015

We are still battling uruks and trolls as we doggedly trek to the end of our long journey.  So what more has been completed since the last update? Here’s a breakdown of this month’s progress.

Just some of the new art created this month

Just some of the new art created this month

Steve: Over the last month Steve continued to make corrections to the rulebook, including layout adjustments, spelling, and formatting adjustments, most of which had been found by Liz or Ken. He also inked the last of the Demigod commissions that Liz created sketches for. These have been scanned and placed into their proper locations in the rulebook. He worked with Ken on finalizing the index list. Steve made significant progress on the 16-page color section of the rulebook.

Liz: Worked on the cover, created at least eight new drawings and three finished pieces ,including two half-page inks and the tightly-finished large halftone Steve is coloring. She has four large inks left to do, and to finish painting the cover. She is also reviewing the final draft of the rules for inconsistencies, and making sure all the people who purchased mentions in the book are indeed mentioned. She also consulted on the index list.

And some more art.  Although this is not all of it by any means...

And some more art. Although this is not all of it by any means…

Ken:  Finished his final read-through of the rules and sent in his corrections. He worked out some minor rules and number adjustments with Liz. Ken also created two exhaustive lists of index words, one for the game rules and one for Trollworld. This was no easy task and we’re glad that’s out of the way.

This month also saw the publication of new work from Ken, “The Curses of Arahk Gnahk,” the spell book of the uruks and how they use magic. That makes three spell books this year, compatible with dT&T, and all available on drivethru.rpg or from Flying Buffalo.

Bear:  Bear made final corrections to the weapons glossary and suggestions on the index list. He also made final plans to be at Gencon this year, along with Rick and Steve.  Bear will run demos for dT&T and be available to discuss the new rules.

Rick:  Flying Buffalo continues to ship out pledge reward items including boxes, coins, t-shirts, pencils, magnets and even some of the dT&T solos. Rick still plans to ship the bulk of the solos and GM adventures once the rulebook gets back from the printers.  If you have larger non-book items (like the boxes, and coins) you want to get early, be sure to contact Rick via Kickstarter.

You have our earnest apology as to how long this has taken. We still have every intention of having it out for the summer. We’re pushing hard, but really trying not to short-change the quality of the book. We want this to be our greatest version of Tunnels & Trolls and we hope you will think it was worth the wait.

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5 thoughts on “dT&T Update April 2015

  1. Randall Williams

    Will there be supplement packs to the rule book after it is published – or will Deluxe T&T have everything
    in it without the need for them? I am old school and am starting back into RPGs after a long absence
    and general disgust with D&D for personal intellectual reasons. I like the idea of going back to
    “Square one” with d6 games such as the original D&D (3 booklets + supplements) and this one which I
    dismissed back in the day as a “flash in the pan” type of game.

    I do hope you folks have it out in the summer and this thing does not become a perennial waiting game
    (although I understand the good reasons as to why given age and health issues).

  2. SSCrompton

    HI Randall – great question!
    The book is over 300 pages (about 100 of which are NOT rules but a gm adventure, a solo adventure and a lot of info about Trollworld) That leaves over 200 pages for rules, the spellbook and elaborations (optional things you can add to the rules, so we think you are going to have everything you need. Flying Buffalo has no plans to add any additional rules material beyond the dT&T rulebook.

    That being said, Ken St Andre has already released several small, kindred-specific spellbooks that give you spells that were created and used by kindreds like dwarves, elves and uruks. Each booklet is about a different kindred, These booklets are strictly optional though, but if you have a favorite kindred, they might be a fun enhancement to your play.

    We are trying about as hard as possible to get dT&T out for the summer – if it is possible to do, we will do it! Meanwhile there is the beta rules available as a pdf, and the free game day mini dT&T rules, so you can play deluxe Tunnels and Trolls right now!


  3. stefanorenco

    @Randall: The great thing about T&T is that it encourages and allows improv rules. You just adapt an existing mechanic, or wing it in a way that doesn’t outrage players.

    For instance: There are no set rules for dealing with hunger. As a GM running an adventure which has the PCs crossing a wasteland with little game or forage, you could come up with a simple rule like: “If you’re on half rations, you regain Strength and Wizardry at half the normal rate. If you didn’t eat at all in a day, you also don’t regain Constitution points through normal healing.”

  4. steve

    Will both the soft and hard cover editions be completed at the same time? Will there be another update for May?

    • SSCrompton

      As far as the production end of things go, the pdf will be the very first thing that will come out. We’ll get that to you as soon as it is finished. Later we will even have an improved pdf that will contain active links, but our plan is to put out the non-linked version first so you get it as soon as possible. You’ll be able to also download the linked version once it is completed.

      At the same time, we will send both the hardcover and softcover editions to the printer to be made. I suspect that because there will be less work involved, the softcover edition will be finished first, so they may go out first. It depends on how long it will take for them to finish assembling the hardcover edition and whether that takes an extra week or an extra month. That is not something that we can control and will depend on the printer and their subcontractors. Hope that clears it up for you all.

      We will have another update soon…

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