Finished cover painting to dT&T revealed and rulebook progress report

Many of you have been wondering what the cover was going to look like, even before we used a digitally enhanced sketch of it for the free game day booklet. Now you can see it in fully-painted color from the steady hand of Liz Danforth. She finished it a just few days ago.

T&T Cover june2015v6

This is far and away one the best paintings she’s ever done (in our opinion), and it certainly surpasses any of her previous T&T related covers. Having the cover done is one of the big last steps towards getting the rulebook off to the printer. And we are oh so close to that point now.

How close? All the art is done for the book, as Liz also finished off the remaining kickstarter pledge illustrations that also had to get done. (Below are a few samples). Not only that, but Steve Crompton has placed all the new art in the layout, along with the remaining maps, other illustrations and charts.

Some brand new art created especially for Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls

Some brand new art created especially for Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls

Meanwhile, Ken St Andre pored through the manuscript and created not one, but two indexes for the book, The main index includes rules terms, weapons, items, magic, kindreds and other useful words and phrases. The second index is of people and places in Trollworld. This will allow you to easily look up the names of hundreds of places in Trollworld (from taverns to continents) and persons (from Lerotra’hh the Death Goddess to Max the Magic Ogre). We think this 2 index system is a major enhancement and will make this a very useful way to find whatever you might be looking for.

Rick and Bear have continued to lend advice and support as we move through these final stages. Things have continued to be shipped out as well.

So what IS left to do (we hear you ask)? All the main text is in and has been proofed, but there are still some tweaks and adjustments to be made. One step involves making sure that all the text that refers to other locations in the book is correct. It’s the kind of thing you can’t check until the whole book is done, because page numbering is still subject to change. For example, we decided to add a character sheet at the end of the rules section that shows you how to roll up a character, so that meant that every page beyond page 18 got moved forward by one. Similar things have happened in other places in the book as well, so adjustments have to be made to the Table of Contents, the index and any other referring text elsewhere in the book.

What else? We’re still finalizing the index, copyright, and credits for the book. A few last-minute tweaks to the main text (mostly for clarity or consistency) may still be made before we go to press.

We still are pulling out all the stops so it can make its world premiere at Gencon. We know you have waited a long time, but we also hope that you see we are very close to getting this book in your hands.  Just within the last 12 hours, the Fellowship have approved the back cover art, which is based on the back cover to the French edition. The main difference is the addition of the Trollworld map in the foreground.  (See for yourself…)

Back cover to Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls.

Back cover to Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls.

Steve Crompton, Rick Loomis and Bear Peters will be at Gencon, running demos, answering questions and maybe even showing off the newly printed Deluxe T&T rules. Cross your fingers!

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7 thoughts on “Finished cover painting to dT&T revealed and rulebook progress report

  1. Splendid!

    A GenCon release would be wonderful. I wouldn’t mind getting my Kickstarter copies late if it meant having them ready for the big show.

  2. It will take time for Rick to ship out all the Kickstarter copies, regardless of all else. Having it available for backers who attend GenCon to pick up and (we hope) drool over at the show would be pretty nice.

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  4. Splendid work, all! I can’t wait to see the final result… and the content above all!

  5. Reblogged this on Tunnels & Trolls and commented:
    Nul doute que Grimtooth ne laissera pas ce forfait impuni, et que le public francophone aura droit lui aussi à quelque chose à se mettre sous la dent !

  6. SSCrompton

    Huge progress with final checks, proofing and tweaks, dT&T should go to the printers this week! The long wait is about to take BIG leap forward!

  7. SSCrompton

    UPDATE: The book is now at the printers!
    Meanwhile some of the first reviews of the now-released dT&T Rules PDF have started to roll in: Here’s one that gives a great overview of the differences between dT&T and 5.5 and 7.5 T&T.

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