I have the only official physical copy of dT&T in the World!

By Steven S Crompton

That’s right, the picture below is the ONLY official physical copy of dT&T in the universe right now. Where did it come from and how did I end up with it? Read on…

The only official copy of dT&T in the universe!

The only official copy of dT&T in the universe!

The other day Ken (who lives near the company printing the rulebook) picked up the proofs and brought them over to my house so we could give them one last look before it went to press. If you want to read more about that fateful event from Ken St Andre’s perspective, check out his blog here: http://atroll.wordpress.com/2015/07/15/behind-the-scenes-with-deluxe-tunnels-trolls/

The only error we found of note was the fact that the spine was too narrow. So we approved the proofs I updated the cover files and resent them to the printer. That left us with a front and back cover “poster” and 286 loose pages, cut to size, but not bound in any way. It was like holding a loose ream of paper.

Ken had asked if he could keep the proof, but I did him one better and cut the cover images out of the proof and then had it all spiral bound together into an actual book. I did all this AFTER he left, so I could have a chance to gaze upon our great work for a day. Since its going to Ken – I’m calling this the “Teacher’s edition of dT&T.” Anyone whose seen the difference between a regular text book and the one the teacher uses will understand the reference.

dTT magic

One thing that really great about looking at a physical copy of dT&T is that you can really see how all the pages look together as you flip through and can see how the facing pages look. Here are a couple of examples and you can see how the pages make more sense when they are side by side. When I was laying out the book, I tried to keep that in mind as I went. But we ended up adding pages so that changed things a bit. But still, planning a two page spread and actually seeing it are two different things.

Here are two color pages that show off some of the notable characters from Trollworld. You can really see they are part of a set when presented this way.

dTT color pgs

Anyway since this was all made by the printing company and put together by a member of the Fellowship – this is the only “official” physical copy of dT&T in existence. Maybe some of you have already printed out your pdf, but still this copy is a “real” one.

Is this book perfect? Certainly not and I am certain that the first printing of ANY rulebook approaching the size of this tome will also have its share of typos and errors. We plan to keep track of all those that we learn about and will fix them when the 2nd edition comes out – probably sometime in the next year or two.

dT&T is thick – very thick! This is also the first time that I have seen all the pages printed out double-sided and all together. I don’t think I realized how thick this book is. At 384 pages its almost 4 times longer than 5th edition T&T. Don’t panic though – The main rules are only 166 pages, the rest of the book is devoted to optional rules and suggestions (all of which you can ignore or use) and the Trollworld material (about 75 pages) Then there are the solo and the GM adventure, which take up 40 more pages. So really you should think of Deluxe T&T not as one book, but a rulebook, a rules supplement, a world source book, a solo adventure and a GM adventure, all wrapped up in one package.

dTT and TTOk there you go – a preview of things to come and my rambling thoughts about the book as I looked at it. Just for the record none of the books being made will be spiral bound – that’s just for the teacher!

Let us know what you think…

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14 thoughts on “I have the only official physical copy of dT&T in the World!

  1. anen kram

    Wow! That is the most valuable object in the Trollworld. Nice.

  2. Missed the Kickstarter!! Having now felt like I have flogged myself the correct number of times, I am waiting in antici-pation for this. No more core rules teasing!! 😀

  3. It is a fine beast!!!! Thought about printing and binding a copy for myself at work but decided to let the anticipation build instead.

  4. WT

    Missend the Kickstarter, too.
    Waiting impatiently for the public release.
    When will dT&T available for the masses?

  5. Once the backers have had a good chance to get their pdf, that will be available to the general public first… I don’t know precisely, but I think it will be fairly soon. Printing? That’s going to take a bit longer, and again we will be holding back the open sales for a little bit, to get the book into the hands of the backers. Trust me, it will all happen as fast as we can… I know that I, at least, am eager for people to get ahold of this!

    • WT

      Thanks for the reply,Liz.
      Looking forward to seeing the big book.

    • Randall Williams

      Thank you for your dedication and simply admirable and exquisite paintings you did for the project. It makes the D&D illustrations for present and previous works appear to be done by wannabe’s by comparison! I printed this page and showed it to other artists and they thought it was done by a computer graphics program, until I showed them your work on your website. Eyebrows rose!

  6. Randall Williams

    Simply amazing and appears to be worth the $60.00 price tag for the printed hardbound book as stated in drive-thru RPG. A certain “someone” at Flying Buffalo mentioned in a written article that the soft-bound rule book and PDF will premiere at GenCon in July, with the hardbound book being released sometime later.

  7. Rrrnnster, Lizard King of Khrayyt

    Too bad, I would’ve preferred a spiral bound copy. I still have my spiral bound 4th ed.

  8. SSCrompton

    Just in case you don;t know: Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls is NOW available to anyone. Here is the direct link to the Drive-thru rpg page: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/152613/Deluxe-Tunnels–Trolls

    • WT

      Excellent news!
      Purchased it right away – however can’t download due to excessive server traffic.
      Perhaps because of the DT&T release? 😆

      • SSCrompton

        Try again, is all I can advise or contact customer support at drive thru. Really glad you ordered! Once you get it, you won’t be disappointed. The fans overwhelmingly seem very impressed.

  9. Reading through my pdf from Drivethru now. Hats off to the team – this is one of the greatest RPG products ever and is worth the long wait. Still looking forward to getting a physical copy.

  10. SSCrompton

    SPIRAL BOUND dT&T: A few you have mentioned you’d like a spiral bound copy. There is an easy way to do that. Buy a copy of the paperback edition, then take it to Officemax. Tell them you want the spine cut off and the pages spiral bound. Cutting the book will cost 50 cents – getting spiral bound will cost $3.97 cents. I know because essentially that is what I did with the proof pages that the printer gave us.

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