GenCon 2015 – dT&T Premiers!

On July 30th, The dT&T rulebook made its first official appearance in public. It was on display during GenCon at the Flying Buffalo booth.  Fellowship members Rick Loomis, Bear Peters and Steven S Crompton were on hand to answer questions, show off the book and generally let the world know that dT&T is done and being printed at this very moment.

We had two copies of the book.  One for fans and attendees would pick up and the other was for Bear, so he could run demos. We were also selling the PDF on a flashdrive and taking advance orders from fans and stores. The Kickstarter pledgers will get their copies shipped out first, and then we’ll ship the rest. We are tentatively hoping that the book will be back from the printers in the next 3 weeks (but that is just an estimate.)

The response to seeing the rulebook at GenCon was universal acclaim. Fans thought it looked great and those that have gone through the PDF, love the fact that the game is still the T&T they know and love, only with more art, more optional rules, more Trollword and more detail than ever before.

T&T Players gathered for a GM adventure run by Bear Peters

T&T Players gathered for a GM adventure run by Bear Peters

Bear Peters ran dT&T games every day of the con, along with several other GMS who were also running T&T demos. New players especially loved it, one exclaiming that it was the best role-playing experience they’d had ever had.  Old T&T players seemed to be very happy with the new rules changes, but one of dT&T’s big advantages is that it encourages GMs to adjust the rules to suit their own needs.

Steve Crompton & Goodman Games author pose for a photo at the Flying Buffalo booth.  Joe wrote the Grimtooth's Museum module for Goodman Games and played in on of the dT&T demos during the con.

Steve Crompton & Goodman Games author Jobe Bittman pose for a photo at the Flying Buffalo booth. Joe wrote the Grimtooth’s Museum module for Goodman Games and played in one of the dT&T demos run during the con.

Mike Stackpole (a virtual Fellowship member) got to have his first look at the printed rulebook and thought it looked gorgeous. He also helped us out when we ran out of dT&T rule flashdrives, he was able to make us a bunch more, so we could keep up with the demand for them at the con. We also sold a lot of solos, GM adventures and Trollworld maps. (Special thanks to Mike!)

Mike Stackpole and Bear Peters show off the new rulebook.

Mike Stackpole and Bear Peters show off the new rulebook.

After coming away from GenCon, we could definitely feel that there was a “buzz” about the new game and that many people who hadn’t played in many years, were ready to come back and give Deluxe Tunnels and Trolls a try.  Who knows? Maybe a new era  for T&T may be upon us!  Did you go to GenCon?  Let us know what you thought about dT&T and the convention.

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8 thoughts on “GenCon 2015 – dT&T Premiers!

  1. Very cool report!

    So, does Mike Stackpole travel the earth with a great sack of thumb drives and a replication system?

  2. Love it! Keep pushing that wonderful DT&T! We’ll have pre-orders for 2nd and 3rd edition DT&T in NO time!!!!!

  3. SSCrompton

    Actually Stefan – the answer to your question is “Yes he does!” Hope you are enjoying the final result of the rulebook.

  4. Premires: “Completes final preparations prior to becoming mired.”

    Tell me it isn’t true! This game deserves to fly, not mire! Fly off the shelves hopefully, not least in order to encourage further investment in dungeons and supplements. An equally pretty Bestiary would be nice?

  5. Reblogged this on Tunnels & Trolls and commented:
    Lancement officiel de la version de luxe aux Etats-Unis.

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  7. Damn right a new era of T&T is upon us!

  8. I loved meeting you guys, I’m glad I bought the new edition at gen con, and I’m looking forward to receiving the printed book.

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