The Game Depot in Tempe, AZ will be the host for the release party. If you live in the metro Phoenix area pick up your KS items there!

The Game Depot in Tempe, AZ will be the host for the release party. If you live in the metro Phoenix area pick up your KS items there!

The Fellowship of the Troll is holding a Release Party at the Game Depot, 3136 S McClintock Dr, #11, Tempe, Arizona (Phone 480-966-4727) on Saturday, August 29, from 10am to 4pm (some of us may hang around later). There will be cake, refreshments and a few free goodies.

Ken St Andre, Liz Danforth, Steve Crompton, Bear Peters and Rick Loomiswill all be there. Ken and Bear will be running Deluxe T&T games. Liz and Steve will be signing autographs. Rick will be there to give Kickstarter backers their items.  Great fun for everyone. Anyone who can make it there is invited to attend. (Hmm. Come to think of it, we may even try to talk some of you into playing Nuclear War too.)

If your items have not been mailed yet, and you would like us to personally hand them to you at this event, notify Rick Loomis asap on kickstarter. If we have already mailed them, feel free to bring them to the event and have us scribble our names on them. Come one, come all!

Many years ago, the Game Depot used to be the Flying Buffalo Game Store.  Rick Loomis sold it to store manager Dave Petit back in the mid 1980’s. Its thirty years later and he is still the owner, so there is no more appropriate place to have the release party for dT&T then the Game Depot.  This will also be a rare gathering of the whole Fellowship in one place, which means you’ll be able to get all their autographs all at once.

Come meet the whole gang, play T&T, get your KS items autographed and your questions answered at this rare face-to-face Fellowship gathering!  And don’t forget – if you want to have Kickstarter items picked up, be sure to contact Rick Loomis via Kickstarter to let him know you’ll be there.  August 29th – mark it in your calendars!

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6 thoughts on “DELUXE T&T RELEASE PARTY AUGUST 29th!!!

  1. Wheee! I hope the party goes well.

  2. Randall Williams

    Troll, Drink, and be Merry!

  3. Best wishes for your celebration tomorrow!

    I have a rules question, and Steve said I ought to post it here.

    It’s about section 15.8 (pp211–213). The premise of the section is converting characters from earlier editions to Talented characters for Deluxe.

    The section makes reference to unspent Adventure Points: “If the character has unspent Adventure Points, he or she may purchase an additional number of talents or upgrades, until the available pool of AP are used up” (212, col 1). “Like most Tunnels & Trolls characters, Gill put his accrued AP into his attributes. As a result, his pool of available points is only 631 AP at present” (212, col 2).

    My question is how do you determine “unspent Adventure Points” for characters rolled up using any edition other than 7th? Like, Gill first appears in the 1st Edition rules. If he was a real character from the 1st–5th-edition era, his AP would accumulate and win him new levels, not be spent on attributes, right? I suppose you could take the character’s total AP earned and subtract the AP required for their current level (provided you have the advancement table from the original game—it’s not provided in Deluxe), and if there is anything left, use it as unspent Adventure Points. Is that what the team had in mind? Or something else?

  4. SSCrompton

    Will get you an answer soon. We had a big signing and meeting yesterday, so things were tied up, time -wise.

  5. Thanks, Steve! No rush at all.

  6. Hi Steve
    The picture of yours on page 351 looks very Tekumel-ish – especially the writing in the archway. Was this your homage to Empire of the Petal Throne? Or is it just me?

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