Deluxe T&T Hardcover Revealed!

An update from Steven S. Crompton

The very first Limited edition Deluxe Hardcover just off the production line!

The very first Limited edition Deluxe Hardcover just off the production line!

Today (Friday Sept. 18th) Roswell Bindery asked me to drive over to their facility to take look at the super deluxe limited edition hardcover. Because we live in the same town, we are lucky enough that we can do that. Ken is out of town on a trip and Rick was busy shipping the softcovers, or I suspect at least one of them would have come along.  As Pre-Press person and Art Director,  it falls to me to make sure these things get made correctly.

Once there, Roswell’s production manager (Jim) took me to the foil stamping station and showed me the first cover they made. I was really blown away by how cool it looked! Rather then describe it you can look at the picture. We went with the Black and Gold – which are the T&T colors.

As you can see in the close up photo, (See below) the black leatherette has a really deep texture to it. Ken St Andre picked this finish when we came to Roswell the first time to place the order. It reminded him of Dragonskin, so that had to be the choice.

A close-up view of the texture and foil stamping on the Limited Edition Hardcover dT&T Rulebook.

A close-up view of the texture and foil stamping on the Limited Edition Hardcover dT&T Rulebook.

It will also have a matching slipcase that will be embossed on the outside with a large image of the Demonhead logo – That should look really great.  Only 100 of these are being made so the supply is very limited  The vast majority of them have already been sold to the Kickstarter pledgers.

Meanwhile Roswell has told me that this book is now in the production line. They’ve already made all the covers and are now foil stamping them. I told them we wanted to get these out as soon as possible, and they plan to let us pick up batches of them as the books are finished. That will allow Flying Buffalo to immediately start shipping them out as they get done. We know you’ve all been waiting a long time for these, so we are taking whatever steps we can to expedite getting them out to you.

OK that’s the latest news from the front. Let us know what you think.

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12 thoughts on “Deluxe T&T Hardcover Revealed!

  1. Debora Kerr

    Looks great! Now that I realize you’re using Roswell, I understand the length of production time. I have worked with them before as well. Excellent quality, but they take their time. 🙂

  2. This looks absolutely amazing, Steve. I can’t wait to hold this version in hand — it is gorgeous. Congratulations for making sure it is the “all the bells and whistles” beauty we promised!

    • I hope people realize this is not the “regular” hardcover, but the limited edition one specifically done for the Kickstarter.

    • SSCrompton

      Thanks Liz, its especially great to hear from you as this incorporates your cover painting. In looking at the limited edition versions of many of the other hardcover rpg books, we are perhaps the only one that is also using their cover painting. It’s very striking and looks like classic fantasy books that were published 100 years ago.

  3. John Briquelet

    Is it still possible to order one of these?


    • SSCrompton

      John, if you are already a kickstarter backer, for deluxe T&T you could still add the book to your pledge by contacting Rick Loomis at Flying Buffalo. I’m not certain what the price is at the moment. On the Kickstarter, its part of a tier reward that includes various other items as well. Once I know, I’ll post that info.

  4. Then there’s the SECRET STRETCH GOAL Kickstarter edition made from actual dragon hide.

    The genetically crafted dragon will need about 6 years to grow big enough to produce enough leather to cover the 67 hand-bound copies bought by backers.

    But: Bonus dragon jerky to all supporters!

  5. Randall williams

    I am very impressed with the quality shown in the photographs. It is truly a work of art.
    Unfortunately, I was not a Kickstarter backer as I did not have knowledge of the project
    until after the Kickstarter goal was met. I am waiting for the “regular release” of the
    hardbound books which will in all probability not be available for the next few weeks,
    given how the Roswell folks understandably take their time. A fantastic job!

  6. SSCrompton

    When the whole limited edition rule book is finished, I’ll do a new update to show off the other features. I’ve asked Rick to work up what the price will be and see how many might be left. Right now there are about 20, but the KS backers will have one more chance to purchase one before we release the remaining few.

  7. anen kram

    I’m interested. How much & how do I get one?

    • Randall Williams

      IF anyone wants to know where to buy the softbound edition of DT&T there is one used copy for sale at for $34.00.

  8. Daniel Wise

    I’m so glad I got one of these. Looks great and worth the wait1

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