Deluxe Goblin Lake is released!

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The first new solo for Deluxe T&T since the new rules  came out, is now available. Originally published as a mini-solo by Flying Buffalo back in 1979, this new 36 page version of Goblin Lake has been expanded and customized for dT&T.  A French version of this book was published by Patrice Geille, and we were able to use the same gorgeous art by Simon Lee Trantor, so the French and English editions look very similar.

Written by T&T creator Ken St Andre and will all-new art by Simon Trantor, Goblin Lake has been expanded and updated for use with Deluxe Tunnels and Trolls. You can play a goblin no higher than 3rd level, but you may also adventure with a dwarf, hobb, or even a small human. All classes of characters may play, but no magic will work in this solo adventure.

Here’s the description from the back cover: “Wearing only a scaly lizard-skin loincloth, you easily slide through a crevice leading to the legendary subterranean caverns of the goblins. With a final grunt, you wade through icy water and cross the slimy rocks that block your way into the caves. An ignominious death or fabulous wealth, enslavement or power beyond your imagination, what will you find when you adventure into Goblin Lake? One thing is certain: while there is life, there is hope!”

Goblin Lake is available directly from Flying Buffalo from Amazon  or as a PDF download from Drive-Thru rpg.

What’s Next? We’ll be releasing new books and reprinting older T&T solos and GM adventures in the near future. These will be updated for dT&T. Agent of Death is next. We are also working on a Bestiary and the second level to Catacombs of the Bear Cult, plus the second part of Darksmoke. Beyond that, we are discussing doing a source book on Khazan or Khosht.

So there’s a quick overview of our immediate plans. We’ll do more depending on how any new material sells. If you fans pick it up, we’ll do more.  What new products do you want to see next?  Let us know right here…

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14 thoughts on “Deluxe Goblin Lake is released!

  1. yangtzemusic

    New solos.
    A GM-less system, plus adventure/ campaign.

  2. SSCrompton

    Yangtze – Can you explain what you mean by a GM-less system. You mean a GM adventure that doesn’t need a GM? If so, that’s an interesting idea. It would be tricky to make that work, but it might be possible…

    • yangtzemusic

      Yes indeedy. There are a few such systems already out there. I have a couple downloaded from DriveThru but I haven’t given them a readthrough yet. I like the idea too. Happy to bounce ideas and/or playtest if you need the help 🙂

  3. Joe Wright

    I would love to see a DT&T remake/update of The Toughest Dungeon In The World. I really had fun with that one…back when I had time to play it.

    • SSCrompton

      I think that the New Judges Guild may be reprinting that, so we wouldn’t have the rights to it. I’ll check on that though…

  4. dave

    How can I buy a copy? I find it strange that is so difficult finding a place to spend my money on it. I don’t want a PDF.

  5. SSCrompton

    You can buy a physical copy of goblin lake at Just search for “Goblin Lake ken st andre”

  6. dave

    I was actually talking about DTnT.

    • SSCrompton

      Search amazon for “deluxe tunnels & trolls rules” softcover is available

  7. steverb511

    Searched for Goblin Lake in the Tunnels and Trolls section of DriveThru RPG repeatedly since 10 December but is doesn’t come up. Am I missing something?

  8. Randall Williams

    Cool news! Bought Goblin Lake. Also the toughest dungeon in the world was updated to a d20
    core rules system (compatible with D&D 3.5 – which is not mentioned explicitly).

    Any news yet on the hardcover edition of DTNT? I still search for it on Amazon bi-weekly and the
    flying buffalo website merely offers the coinage and kickstarter stuff, but no purchase info yet.

    Hopefully the Kickstarters have all received their copies! 🙂

  9. @Randall: I have my lovely hardcover edition. Two feet from my right elbow!

    • SSCrompton

      This weekend we are going to make the hardcover available! It will show up on Amazon first… maybe today. Stay tuned.

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