Tunnels & Trolls Phone App in development!

Phone TT

Over the last few months we’ve been dropping hints that “something big” was in the works, and today we can reveal that the team  behind Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls (Ken St Andre, Liz Danforth, Rick Loomis, Bear Peters and Steve Crompton are currently working with MetaArcade president David Reid on the development of a system for phone apps that will use the T&T rules to run solo adventures and perhaps much more. Below is a link to the official video announcement from David Reid of MetaArcade.

There’s  also a bit more information in this official press release:
T&T Adventure platform from MetaArcade

In the next month or so  MetaArcade and the Fellowship of the Troll, we’ll be revealing even more details about what this new platform will be capable of and how T&T will fit into it all.  We’ll also have some other announcements as this project develops.  One thing we can say: you’ll be hearing more about his sooner than you think. Until then let us know your thoughts on the announcement and start thinking about what solos you want to play or even CREATE for this new gaming  realm we are all about to enter…

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6 thoughts on “Tunnels & Trolls Phone App in development!

  1. SSCrompton

    Stand by for news… (Whenever we are allowed to let you know.) Secret stuff and more surprises to come.

  2. But it won’t be a secret if you tell it to us!

  3. Randall Williams

    This is definitely exciting news for one and all! I look forward to hearing more soon as you are able.
    Congrats to you, Ken, and the rest of the team for pulling this off! I am so glad it is not D&D that will be the first platform for MegaArcade!

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  5. hilarylhartman

    Great news! I look forward to further developments.

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