Confirmed! Naked Doom to be the first Phone app adventure to be released

NakedDoom cov text

Today MetaArcade officially announced that Ken St. Andre’s Naked Doom is going to be the first solo adventure to be released for the Tunnels & Trolls phone app.

This was discussed and eventually decided upon during several meetings with MetaArcade and the Fellowship.  From the Fellowship’s perspective, we thought that this solo had a great story that ties into the current emphasis on events in Trollworld and the fact that this solo would be a great way to start a new character off – they start with nothing at all and have to scrabble and fight for every piece of gear they come across.  Also Naked Doom has been out of print for some time, making  its availability as a phone app solo that much more desirable.

More details at the link below that goes directly to MetaArcades official announcement about the release.

We can’t say too much more, other than  to add that there are more exciting announcements are coming soon that will reveal more details about how and when this adventure will be coming to your phone, so hang on for more soon…

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