Ken St Andre will be at GenCon!

Ken and Rick800In a surprise announcement Ken St Andre WILL be attending GenCon and will be at the Flying Buffalo Booth to sign books and join the fun with all the buzz around the Tunnels & Trolls Phone App and the new Grimtooth solo.

At the last minute, MetaArcade the company behind the phone app managed to convince the Trollgodfather to emerge from his cave and travel from Arizona to Indiana for GenCon 2016, which starts Aug. 3rd to the 7th.  MetaArcade will be demoing the new app, which attendees will actually get to try out for themselves right at the the Flying Buffalo booth (booth 724.)

Ken will also be involved with numerous press interviews and a meeting with the company that are in the final stages of putting together a Deluxe version of the T&T rules for the Japanese market.

This will be a very rare chance for fans to meet one of the first generation RPG designers and get him to sign a copy of one of the many books and games he has worked on over the last 40 years.

Also at GenCon will be Fellowship of the Troll members Bear Peters (Dungeon of the Bear) and  Steven S. Crompton (Grimtooth’s Traps) and of course Rick Loomis, (Flying Buffalo President).  All of them worked on the Deluxe T&T Rulebook.  Davis Reid, the President of  MetaAracde (and a huge T&T fan from way back) will also be at GenCon.  We hope to see you there in a few days!

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