MetaArcade’s Buffalo Castle App adds Color

In February, MetaArcade began giving fans the chance to try out the new Buffalo Castle App they have created, based on the world’s first T&T adventure. Right now you can visit their site and sign up for updates that will help you get early access.

As Chronicled on this blog back in 2013, Buffalo Castle was the first solo that was given the Deluxe T&T treatment. In fact, it was first republished in France for their edition in 2012. Liz drew new interior art and cover, Rick Loomis wrote a new section, Ken updated the stats, and Steve redid the layout and digitally painted the cover. So pretty much the whole fellowship was involved in some way.


For the new MetaArcade version of Buffalo Castle, they hired Liz to do even more art and then had Steve digitally color over 20 of the illustrations for the new app, so now there’s even more to see and experience in Buffalo Castle. If you haven’t played that solo since 2011, then you’ll have a whole new way to experience it via MetaArcade’s App. The app allows you to role up your own new characters or pick from their pre-rolled set. There are sound effects, dice-rolling and art and text. Its still like playing one of the T&T solos, only its enhanced in many ways and on your phone.

Meanwhile on the Flying Buffalo front, we are happy to announce that the next solo we will publish is going to be a Deluxe version of Arena Of Khazan. This solo has been out of print for over 15 years, and Ken St. Andre has already turned in an updated version of his classic solo. This version includes new options and adventure in the Arena. The book will use the original Peter Laird art along with new art by Steve Crompton. Steve has also digitally enhanced and colored the original Gene day cover.  We are pushing for this to be a summer release, so if you are going to Origins or GenCon look for it there.  Below is the top of the redone cover:


We hope you’ll let us know what you think about these latest developments in the comment section below.

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2 thoughts on “MetaArcade’s Buffalo Castle App adds Color

  1. SSCrompton

    By the way, that picture of the knight and the rogue (he’s the one turned to stone) was drawn by Liz to represent Ken St Andre and Steve Crompton (yeah, me.) I was very flattered to have Liz draw me and frankly I never looked better. Thanks Liz!

  2. tourach

    I put out an all-call for a little extra funding on the project, offering to put people into the art I was doing. You and Ken were among the people who stepped up to the plate — among a number of other good folk, including our French translator!

    And of COURSE an artist flatters their patrons. It’s an old and honored tradition after all… 😉

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