Rick, Liz, Bear & Steve will be at GenCon 50! Get your dT&T items signed by 4/5th of the Fellowship!

GENCON AAug blog 2017

GEN CON 50 ANNOUNCEMENTS:  With just a few days to go until the Convention in Indianpolis, there’s no better time than now to let you know who will be at the Flying Buffalo booth and what NEW products we’ll have a for you.  Let’s start with WHO will be there with a direct quote from Buffalo’s leader, Rick Loomis…

“Hey, friends: most of the members of The Fellowship will be at Gen Con 50, hanging out at booth 509 (in the front near Paizo). If you are going to Gen Con here is your chance to meet me, Liz, Bear, and Steve. (Ken isn’t planning to come to this one). Here is your chance to meet us, and get something signed. If you buy it at our booth, there is no charge for an autograph, and we will give you a special sticker we made up that says “Purchased from Flying Buffalo at Gen Con 50″. (Actually we made up 4 different stickers, so you need to buy four items to get all the stickers. And if we run out of stickers, I got a rubber stamp made!) We have paperback editions of Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls, First Edition Reprints, Buffalo Castle, Dungeon of the Bear, Naked Doom, Grimtooth’s Traps, Citybooks, and much more.”

Meet the team, ask questions, see the new products and get their autographs.  Its a rare event when this many of the Fellowship is all in one place, so be sure to stop by.

Naked Doom header

NEW PRODUCTS AT THE SHOW: Our big release for Gen Con 50 is the updated return of NAKED DOOM, a T&T solo adventure that has been out of print for over 15 years.  This new edition includes new side adventures, updated dT&T stats, a map of Naked Doom and more player options. All written by none-other-than T&T creator Ken St Andre. PLUS the book now has brand new art by Liz Danforth, Rob Carver & Steve Crompton, along with the classic Carver art that appeared in Naked Doom.

dT&T 2nd printing. Yep we SOLD OUT of the 1st printing of Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls and printed another batch of those. So if you haven’t gotten the highly acclaimed Deluxe T&T Rules, you still have the opportunity to do so. And at GenCon, you’ll be able to get your copies signed by 4/5th of the Fellowship of the Troll, the team that slaved away for 2 years to create the book. So step right up and bring your T&Ts.

Japan Flyer Blog header

See a Preview of T&T ADVENTURES JAPAN.  With the huge success if dT&T over in Japan, there is now a T&T magazine being published over there, and we thought it would be great to take some of the solos and GM adventures the Japanese have created and publish them in English, using the art and layouts from the Japanese magazine. You’ll be able to see just what this new exciting project is going to look like when you stop by the booth. We plan to release this book to stores, and to make it even easier to use, we are going to include a mini-version of the T&T rules with the book, so that even brand new players will be able to get this item, roll up characters and start playing. Both long-time and brand new rpgers are going to want to check this out as it includes T&T manga, mini-solos, GM adventures and  the T&T mini-rules – all never before published in the US. Find out what all the buzz in Japan is all about!

And of course there’s the official release of the T&T Adventures App from MetaArcade. They’ll be in the booth right next to Flying Buffalo letting you demo the game, get free goodies and helping you get the T&T app on your phone  right there at the con. To make it even better – the app and the game are FREE. The only reason you shouldn’t get this App is if you don’t have the right kind of phone. (See our last blog post for more details!)

OK that’s if for now. Maybe we’ll see you at Gen Con…


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